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  • Ad spend trend soars worldwide

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 20.48.59Ad spend trend
    soars worldwide

    Digital dominates marketing
    media as print sinks again

    Global ad spend is on track to grow 5.5% this year to $537 billion, while web advertising will account for 25% at $121 billion, according to the latest forecasts out from ZenithOptimedia,a division of ad giant Publicis.

  • Goldman Sachs: Sell Staples, Buy Office Depot

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    Anal advice: Sell Staples?

    Buy disintegrating Depot Save


    31 May’14 (Complete)

    Goldman Sachs, the leading investment banker, yesterday announced a ‘sell’ rating for Staples and a ‘buy’ rating for Office Depot. Another example of short term thinking and opportunism by Wall Street?

  • Beware BIG DATA baloney

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    big-data-v-small-dataBeware B I G

    DATA baloney

    Personalizing or mass customizing

    relationships? Passing tech fad?


    30 May’14

    In two forthcoming reports, Forrester Research surveys marketing executives about its perception and effectiveness

  • Tech Bubble talk inflated?

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    zuckerberg-facebook-bubbleTech Bubble

    talk inflated?

    Ascent of Alibaba, Google,

    Facebook fuel fears in market


    30 May’14

    There has been much talk in investment circles about the second coming of the tech bubble in the last 15 years. Not surprisingly the big names attending the Re/Codeconference disagree...

  • United acquires CPO Commerce

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 01.50.18United tools up

    MRO with CPO

    Buys fast growing industry supply

    etailer to broaden expertise


    30 May’14 (Updated)

    US #1 OP wholesaler United Stationers today announced the acquisition of leading power tools brands etailer CPO Commerce of Pasadena (CA). We talked to chief marketer Diane Hund…

  • Walmart playing catch up with Amazon

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 13.45.08Walmart playing

    Amazon catch up

    CEO McMillon discusses digital,

    mobile, Facebook & security


    30 May’14

    Yesterday at the Re/Codeconference Kara Swisher interviewed Walmart’snew CEO Doug McMillon on the giant retailer’s digital plans..

  • Spicers appoints new CEO Greg Michael

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    michael-greg-spicersBreaking News

    Spicers seeks

    Better future

    Ball resigns as wholesale service

    recovers from 6 months of turmoil


    30 May’14

    Greg Michaelhas been appointed as the new CEO of leading UK OP wholesaler Spicers, after Alan Ballresigned yesterday. Spicers’ service and logistical traumas after its CDC move to Smethwick in January have been well documented...

  • Ex- Microsoft Steve Ballmer buys LA Clippers

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    ballmer-steve-microsoft-tongueBasket Ballmer

    clips $2Bn deal

    Ex-Microsoft chief follows pal

    Paul Allen with LA Clippers buy


    30 May’14

    It looks as though a huge deal has been struck by the controversial Sterling family to sell the LA Clippersbasketball franchise…

  • Office2office AGM rejects Gerber merger

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    o2o-montageoffice2office AGM

    jilts Gerber merger

    Overwhelming rejects move

    by ignorant activist investor


    29 May’14

    At the Annual General Meeting of UK business services leader office2office plcheld today, shareholders voted to reject Nick Gerber's merger proposals...

  • Clear cubicle claustrophobia

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 14.07.43Clear cubicle


    Open office transparency

    transforms collaboration


    29 May’14

    For 60% of Americans, the average workday consists of sitting in a cramped cubicle lit by overhead fluorescent lights, wedged between two co-workers whose phone conversations can be heard every minute of the day...

  • Re/Code Conference: Workplace of future

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 18.57.41Workplace

    of the future

    Re/Code recap of Code

    conference – Day 2 inc.

    Salesforce & Workday


    29 May’14

    Day 2 of the Code Conference featured Apple’s media chief Eddy Cue, Beats’ Jimmy Iovine; Nest’s Tony Fadell and particularly relevant Marc Benioff of Salesforce & Workday’s Aneel Bhusri (pic left)

  • HP: Meg Whitman's mission impossible

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    HPs-Mission-ImpossibleMeg’s mission

    impossible at HP

    Complacency & cost cutting

    continues. Can old-tech giant

    get much needed new talent?


    29 May’14

    Today WSJ’s Spencer Antewrote a highly relevant article observing that HP’ssales were falling faster than its headcount. At last analysts are looking underneath the bonnet and seeing a lack of engine power

  • Apple: Best Product pipeline in 25 years

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 16.46.27Apple’s pipeline:

    "best in 25yrs"

    Cue talks innovation; Cook

    sounds off about Beats Pro


    29 May’14

    Yesterday at the Codeconference in SoCal, Apple’s media chief Eddy Cue (pic left) and Beats CEO Jimmy Iovinediscussed innovation. Meanwhile, CEO Tim Cook explained the Beats buy, first announced here on 8 May...

  • Nest: Connected home offices

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 15.32.22Connected

    home offices

    Nest CEO Tony Fadell on smart

    apps for personal productivity


    29 May’14

    Googlebought Nest Labs for $3Bn recently. It is well known for its “smart,” energy-saving thermostats and smoke detectors. now the CEO tells the Codeconference about latest innovations

  • Costco Q3'14 Financial Review

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 21.20.30Costco captures

    more OP market

    Expanding business delivery 

    hubs into 10 US main markets 


    29 May’14 (Updated)

    Costco Wholesale (COST)the giant $105Bn in sales massmarketer reported Q3'14 financial results in line with expectations

  • Special Tribute to David Sherwin

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    David Sherwin:
    Our courageous
    advocate & friend

    Office Depot Whistleblower dies
    after brave battle with cancer. 


    28 May’14 (Complete)

    On 16 March, David Sherwinpassed away peacefully after a long battle with cancer. Every independent dealer should recognise David’s tremendous tenacity and investigative achievements under huge pressure from unethical forces in uncovering the biggest fraud in the history of our industry. His legacy is an example to us all...

  • Re/Code rethinks future technology

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 17.26.30Re/Code rethinks

    future technology

    Stellar speaker line up: Google, 

    Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce,

    Twitter, Beats, Nest & Comcast


    28 May’14 (Updated)

    Kara Swisherand Walt Mossberg, co-founders of Re/Code,the successor to All Things Digital, the premier tech and media newspaper and conference, held their first Code conference to a sell out of industry leaders starting yesterday in SoCal…

  • Apple's new smart home office app

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 16.28.51Apple’s new smart

    home office app

    Worldwide Dev Conference to

    ignite race w/Samsung/Google


    27 May’14

    Over 5000 developers will attend Apple’s annual WWDC’14 next week in San Francisco. It’s all about creating new apps that simplify the way people live, work and socialize...

  • The Amazon antithesis

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    Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanA m a z o n ‘ s
    A n t i t h e s i s 

    Personalised productivity services  the answer to ultimate disruptor.

    27 May’14 (Complete)
    Over the past 40 years most independent dealers' response to bigbox/massmarketers has been to try and match size/buying power. The most successful progressives have done the opposite with huge success…

  • Purge the paperclip!

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    beyond-paperclipFAME Index

    P u r g e  the
    p a p e r c l i p!

    Stop the last century look
    that trivializes your brand 


    26 May’14 (Complete)

    We love paperclips as much as any dealer, but the time has come to look beyond products that increase overheads, towards office productivity tools and services that cut customers costs. Therefore, pull the 'paperclip' from your logo look...

  • Purge the paperclip!

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    beyond-paperclipFAME Index

    P u r g e  the
    p a p e r c l i p!

    Stop the last century look
    that trivializes your brand 


    26 May’14 (Complete)

    We love paperclips as much as any dealer, but the time has come to look beyond products that increase overheads, towards office productivity tools and services that cut customers costs. Therefore, pull the 'paperclip' from your logo look...

  • Reman ink-makers race to redundancy

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    HP-death-of-the-printerReman race
    to redundancy

    Compatible clones under
    pressure from originals in ink
    sinking, cannibalized market


    26 May’14 (Complete)
    First quarter results from the sinking ink remanufacturers continued their terminal tailspin. HP has added to the pressure by recharging Preferred Partners to attack compatible competition in a shrinking market…

  • Rethinking retail - resellers refresh!

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    retail-interactive-demoRethinking Retail

    Resellers Refresh!

    Rocky? Recession? Retreat?

    Relics must recreate theatre

    destinations not chore stores


    25 May’14 (Updated)

    It's been a rough week for retailers as share values plummeted, causing speculation of another recession?? The real problem is there‘s too much focus on drab product displays and failure to create a user-friendly shopping destination. This is reflected too in a woeful webstore experience.

  • DCC Technology exerting strength

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 20.56.11DCC Technology

    exerting strength.

    Anglo Irish group double digit-

    drive in mobile communications


    23 May’14

    The newly branded Exertis Groupincluding tech distributors Micro-Pand Gem reported a great year of sales and profits to 31 Mar’14

  • Dell quells Post-PC era fears

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    Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 16.04.03Dell quells

    Post-PC fears

    US leader talks about PC’s,

    tablets, mobiles & software


    23 May’14

    Last September, Michael Dell won his year-long battle to take his company private after one of the fiercest business brawls in recent memory. Fortune Magazine’s Claire Zillman interviewed him about his new challenges

  • Touch & Feel leadership phenomenon

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    Game-Changers-Top-10Touch & Feel


    Founders' soul factor beats

    hired high-handed executives


    23 May’14 (Updated)

    We study the pre-eminence of the great founder leaders in the office market and the battle lines that are being drawn in the burgeoning business supplies market...

  • HP Q2'14 Financial Review

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    whitman-hp-binoculars-tech-dumpInk-sinking HP’s

    Hollow Prospects

    Winsome Whitman’s turnaround

    tale in tatters. What innovation?


    22 May’14 (Complete)

    Hewlett Packard (HP), the world’s #1 technology maker, continued its decline in Q2’14 ended 30 Apr’14. Once again, CEO Meg Whitman’s air of clichéd confidence and broad brush-strokes failed to convince sceptics about her ‘New style of IT’ rhetoric. Where are the new growth businesses?

  • China's Amazon JD.com jumping

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    JD-Liu-tencent-dealChina’s Amazon

    JD.com jumping

    Partnership with Tencent powers

    search preferences v Alibaba 


    22 May’14

    The biggest test yet of US investors’ appetite for Chinese web firms has passed with flying colours — and it doesn’t involve the Alibaba Group, that country’s e-commerce giant.

  • Best Buy Q1'15 Financial Review

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    Best-Buy-montage-2013Best Buy beaten

    back by Amazon

    Deluded over market share gain.

    Renew Blue cost cuts drive profits

    Blamed brands "lack innovation"


    22 May’14 (11:00ET Complete)

    Best Buy, the US #1 consumer electronics retailer, reported disappointing financial results for Q1’15 ended 4 May’14. In spite of analysts brouhaha it’s well behind in online growth rates, defensively boasting market share 'gains' and only marginally profitable thru' cost reductions...

  • WebWatch 2014 - Round 3

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    Webwatch-R6-2013-montage2014 WebWatch Round 3

    Wonderful or

    woeful webstores

    Wake up! Complacency reigns.

    Wanted: user & mobile friendly,

    minimum clicks user experience


    22 May’14 (0600 UK time)

    After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1 and leading resellers in Round 2, we revisit more progressives and rising stars to see if they have optimized the shopping experience for users, especially mobile. Ratings complete

  • Best Buy Q1'15 Results Preview

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    best buy-BrowseBest Buy brouhaha

    amiss by analysts

    Seeking Alpha misreads retailer’s

    revival rally v Amazon attack


    21 May’14

    Tomorrow morning, Best Buy, the US #1 consumer electronics retailer, reports its Q1’15 results. The consensus of analysts’ opinion is optimistic. It has been late to reinvent itself in stores and online shopping experience. We challenge the analyst view…

  • Samsung mobile market share slips

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    shin-jk-samsungSamsung mobile

    market share slips

    WANTED: Innovation in phones &

    tablets w/business user appeal


    21 May’14

    Samsung Electronics became the world's biggest smartphone maker by selling mobile phones running on Google Android operating system. Now the pressures on to counter rising competition from cheaper Chinese rivals using Android

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  • Acsellerate profitability - ECi's tool extends to Red Cheetah

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    ECi’s analyzer tool boosts

    dealers’ OEM margins; now

    extended to Red Cheetah


    21 May’14

    In February, ECI/Acsellerate’s launched its new Profitability Manager tool to automate margin analysis. We discuss the successful case studies to date with sales leader Amy Brown (pic left)and happy dealers

  • Hp Q2'14 Results Preview

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    whitman-meg-merrygoroundHot or Hollow


    Are analysts deluded by

    winsome Whitman’s talk

    of innovation and growth?


    21 May’14

    Tomorrow HP is due to report Q2’14 earnings. Investment analysts seem positive about its prospects. We discuss their grounds for optimism and provide an alternative view

  • Can Nadella re-Surface Microsoft?

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    Panay-Panos-Microsoft-SurfacePro3Can Nadella

    Can 'super' 12" tablet dent
    Apple iPad Air dominance?


    20 May’14 (Updated at 1300ET)
    New Microsoft boss Satya Nadella unveiled its 'mobile first' plan to help users 'be more and do more" in New York today...despite two previous models flopping. We report on design chief, "super excited" Panos Panay's demo (pic left) of the new Surface Pro 3which he is confident "will replace the laptop"...


  • Google buys BYOD security provider

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    google-divideGoogle buys

    BYOD provider

    Divide joins Android’s drive to

    secure business mobile usage


    20 May’14

    Google said it is buying Divide, a mobile-device-management startup, to help the Internet giant’s Android business reach more business customers.

  • Seeking Alpha: Ship sinking? Stay with Staples

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    sargent-staples-ship-steers-stormy-watersShip sinking? Stay

    aboard SS Staples

    Ignorant analyst doesn’t get its

    lead in web & biz supply service


    19 May’14

    Another simplistic Seeking Alpha analyst Wall Street Playbook joined the ranks of bandwagon bigots today in writing down Staples with an article entitled ‘Sell Staples ahead of Earnings’ statement tomorrow. We expose the analysts dumbness and argue that investors should adopt a smarter view…

  • Staples garage start-up ad a big hit

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    Staples-garage-stsrt-up-adStaples start-up

    TV-ad a big hit

    ‘Make more happen’ campaign

    lifted by humour & relevance


    19 May’14 (Updated)

    Staples launched its new US national TV campaign in January to advertise its ever-widening portfolio of broadline business supplies. We were sceptical about the empty message then, but now it appears that ‘Easy’is returning to the fore…

  • Tomorrows News Today...

    Tomorrows News Today...

  • Banish buybacks! Power productivity!

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    Productivity-stairway-to-heaven2Pull buybacks!

    Push productivity!

    Has capital spending slowed or

    is tech cheaper & expensable?


    19 May’14

    A current Business Week article argues that companies are not spending enough on equipment workers need and as a result negatively impacting productivity. We explore and discuss…

  • Samsung saturate LHR with S5 ads

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    samsung-galaxy-S5-LHRSamsung ads to

    saturate LHR S5

    Digital displays of Galaxy to

    take over busy Heathrow T5


    19 May’14

    With all the fanfare of a great PR stunt, Samsung Electronicssaid it would rebrand Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport to promote its new Galaxy S5 phone.

  • TriMega - AOPD team up. What's next?

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    team up. Next?

    Groups grow closer together.

    Expecting USOPIA by 2016?


    19 May’14

    US #1 buying group TriMegaand leading contract group American Office Products Distributors (AOPD) announced today that they plan to hold a joint conference in 2016...

  • Office Depot - OfficeMax newspaper ad

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    mad ad mess

    What happened to catchy
    ‘Where’d you get that?’ ads?


    19 May’14
    Yesterday, Office Depot launched a dual brand ad with OfficeMaxin the heavy editions of Sunday newspapers. Just like the medium, its message is a misguided mess; and a poor reflection on its new strategic thinking…

  • The USP Wars: Staples v Amazon v Mason v Office Depot

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    Bezos-and-sargent-buzzsawThe USP Wars:

    Staples v Amazon

    v Mason v Depot.

    Winning strategic choices:

    Where to play, How to win.


    19 May’14

    Office Depot’s CEO Roland Smith talked in clichéd tones about developing a ‘unique selling proposition’ for the beleaguered ex-#1 OP reseller. Is he serious? What strategic choices does he have v its main rivals? Completed today

  • Why is the office business so lifeless?

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    lifeless-70s-officeIf office supply’s about

    improving productive lifestyle,

    Why are we

    so  l i f e l e s s?

    Market image tainted by lack

    of self-respect & poor pictures

    19 May’14 (Complete)

    We hear it all the time. The office business is about people. We agree, so why do we portray ourselves as deadly dull with industrial, still-life images, from the sad 70’s era?

  • Race to infinity in business supplies

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    Endless-aisle-1The Race to  

    Infinity:Part 2

    Amazon tops 2.2 million biz

    supplies sku’s; Shoplet 1m+;

    and Staples moving to 1.5m


    18 May’14

    Last week, we reported that Amazon had increased its broadline business supplies range to an unprecedented 2.2m sku’s. in response Graingerhas increase its count 1.2m and Shoplet now advertises 1m sku’s. How will OP wholesalers respond? 

  • Do dealers ply natural edge?

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    beyond-the-buyer-to-lucyDo local dealers

    ply natural edge?

    They should have advantage, 

    but local is useless, unless

    market to users at low cost


    17 May’14

    In her National Small Business Week speech, Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman highlighted the importance of small business owners' ability to foster real relationships with customers. Yes, but do they reach users and apply it?

  • TriMega Nsightful marketing moves

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    morris-michael-trimega3TriMega Nsightful

    marketing moves

    NPD analyses to assist members

    personalised marketing drives


    16 May’14

    Last week, TriMegaannounced a partnership with research firm NPR to guide its sales targeting process. We spoke with marketing chief Michael Morrisabout the tacit transformation from the buying group’s supply-side focus to marketing. Later today

  • Ingram Micro drives digital signage

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    AV-digital-signage-1Ingram drives

    digital signage

    Huge AV growth opportunity
    missed by most OP dealers

    The world’s #1 IT wholesaler Ingram Micro says dealers can do much better in audiovisual (AV) market. It will investing in consulting and training offerings for dealers...

  • WebWatch 2014 - Top resellers - Round 2

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    Webwatch-2014- R2-montage2014 WebWatch Round 2

Wonderful or

    woeful webstores

    OP dealers still complacent; yet

    to get the mobile imperative


    15 May'14 (Updated)

    After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1, this time we revisit some of the top resellers who have yet to optimize the shopping experience for users, especially mobile....ratings complete, mini profiles before 24 May, sorry

  • Walmart Q1'15 Financial Review

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    walmart-store-dipWalmart: web+
    weather beaten

    US decline offset by growth in
    international & ecommerce

    The world’s #1 retailer, Walmart (inc. Asda in the UK) continued its slow growth pattern of 2013, particularly in the US, in Q1’15 ended 2 May’14. It blamed weather but #AmazonEffectis hurting too...

  • Dixons Retail Financial Review Q4'14

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    Dixons-montage-2012Dixons down

    trend deludes

    CEO James “excellent year”

    disguises slower demand 

    Dixons Retail,UK’s leading multi-channel electrical retailer, today announced disappointing Q4 results to 30 April’14, in an otherwise strong year

  • Dixons Retail/CPW merger deal done

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    Currys-CPWCPW/ Dixons:
    a curried mix

    Merger of equals or escalating
    egos? What will be new name?

    As suggested by PP in December, European electronics retailers Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse (CPW) have finally confirmed their 'merger of equals'. Let the culture clash commence...

  • Competitors' sales people warning

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    salesman-sleazyDealer Alert!

    Competitive health warning!

    Don't hire tired traditional, transactional types. Recruit & develop a new farmer set

    Inc. magazine‘s Norm Brodsky warns against hiring competitors’ sales people. They may not need training, but don't expect them to listen to your rules. A timely reminder given the imminent Depot/Max exodus...

  • Amazon extends Sunday delivery service

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    amazon-usps-truckAmazon enables

    24/7 workweek

    Supplies entrepreneurs' needs 

    w/Sunday delivery expansion

    Amazon is expanding its Sunday package delivery service to 15 more cities across the country, including Philadelphia, New Orleans and Dallas.

  • Sony Q1'14 Results Preview

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    sony-sinking-ship-ceoSony: steering

    sinking course

    Turnaround tease. Shutters

    businesses, no signs of new.

    Two years after Kazuo Hiraitook over as CEO at Sony. it is slipping into a familiar pattern. After talking turnaround was near, tomorrow it will report its fourth annual loss in five years.

  • Furnituremakers' Results Review

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    Results Review

    Kimball, Humanscale finalise

    a positive quarter for leaders


    13 May’14 (Complete)

    Kimball Internationaland Humanscale reported Q1’14 results last week. We analyse and compare results for Steelcase, Herman Miller, HON, Knoll and Haworth...

  • Coca Cola raises its stake in Keurig

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    coke-K-CupCoke raises
    stake in Keurig

    Full blown bid coming
    to stymie Starbucks?


    13 May’14
    Coca-Colahas raised its stake in the coffee and beverage K-Cup king Keurig Green Mountain. Has it done this to deflect from its dull performance or to dominate office beverage supply?

  • Amazon attack accelerating...

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    Bezos-amazon-river-viewAmazon attack accelerates again

    Wholesale stealthy slaughter in biz supplies gets recognition

    13 May’14 (Updated)

    Forbes’ next feature article is headed “Amazon’s Wholesale slaughter’;Industrial Distribution is running a June conference on ‘Facing the Amazon attack’;Proficiency Post has warned about the #AmazonEffect for 8 years as 'Godzilla' eats OP dealers' and wholesalers' lunch. The press is getting it, will dealers?

  • Is Amazon flow fouled by fakes?

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    bezos-jeff-amazon-stareIs Amazon flow fouled by fakes?

    High service reputation at risk from rogue supply partners

    Trees don’t grow to the sky! Amazon’s pursuit of 2015 sales target of $100Bn+ could be diverted by a user backlash of supplying a mix of fake merchandise with genuine brands 

  • SCC Group Financial Review 2013

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    rigby-james-SCCSCC: integrated

    supply + services

    Mid market focus drives strong

    managed services growth


    12 May’14

    Europe’s #1 independent tech services provider, SCC Groupposted impressive results, CEO James Rigby (pic left) stressed the importance of an integrated hardware and services portfolio

  • NeoCon 2014 Preview

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    looks so good

    Neocon 2014: Preview of

    largest interiors design show


    12 May’14

    NeoCon (9-11 June in Chicago) is North America’s largest design expo & conference for commercial interiors, annually attended by over 40,000 architecture and design professionals. We preview some of the leading vendors exciting exhibits...

  • Systemax Q1'14 Financial Review

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    Misco-peopleSystemax on

    roller coaster

    Europe tech sales back, but

    US biz slow/consumer weak


    12 May’14

    Systemax, the tech-direct marketer including Misco, CompUSA, Circuit City and Tiger Direct brands, reported continuing decline in its financial results for Q1’14 ended 31 Mar’14

  • Tablets taking the slow road

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    apple-ipadair-mountainTablets taking

    the slow road

    Users wanting utility waiting

    for one device: the iPhad6?


    12 May’14

    The Apple iPad has become one of the most successful consumer electronic products ever. Suddenly though the market is slowing down. Here’s why…

  • Personal productivity powers new investment

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    Productivity-stairway-to-heaven2Productivity powers new investment

    The paperless path to personal productivity 

    Good news! Capital investment is coming back strongly. Where’s the focus? Technology that drives personal productivity e.g. workplace wellness, wearables, ergonomic workspaces, sit/stand desks; cafes for refreshments and healthy snacks. We review latest developments…

  • SheConomy rising rapidly in business

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    businesswomen-conversation-walkingSheConomy rising

    rapidly in business

    Young businesswomen the new

    majority to drive wellness trends


    9 May’14

    The leaders of tomorrow are going to be women more than men. Latest trends show that they dominate university graduates. Making sure company wellness and fairness issues are high on agendas will be keys to success...

  • Bright Future for AV market

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    United-Vision12-Todd-SheltonBright future

    for AV market

    Global market projections:

    higher resolution & mobility


    9 May’14 (Updated)

    Worldwide AV projector sales are running at $10Bn+ as market moves towards brighter solutions…

  • Brother Q4'14 Financial Review

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    ishiguru-tadashi-brotherBrother breaks

    back down trend

    Gains significant market share

    with 'at your side' strategy  


    9 May’14 (Updated)

    Brother International$6Bn strong document services and printer maker has reported impressive gains in the small and medium sized business market in US/Europe. We spoke with UK sales chief Richard Fordyesterday...

  • iiDA NE Business Leaders' Breakfast

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    linkner-josh-speakingiiDA Leaders Breakfast

    C r e a t i v i ty

    U n l e a s h e d!

    Disrupter Josh Linkner presents

    5 obsessions for reinventing biz


    9 May’14

    A bumper attendance of the interior design community of iiDA New England assembled yesterday for a business leaders’ breakfast, featuring inspirational keynote speaker and author Josh Linkner

  • Adveo Q1'14 Financial Review

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    alvarez-millan-adveo-speakingAdveo: adverse

    trends unabated

    Prospects poor given printer ink

    plunge w/no new categories


    8 May’14

    Adveo, the leading mainline European OP wholesaler (inc. Spicers Europe) continued its disappointing sales decline in Q1’14. The outlook continued to be challenging unless new categories are added quickly

  • CDW Q1'14 Financial Review

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    CDW-team-montage-busCDW: Creative

    Distribution Wins

    IT managed services provider

    powers into cloud/education 


    8 May’14

    CDW Corporation, the $11Bn leading US multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare, today announced impressive Q1’14 results

  • B2B or B2C distinctions are dead. It's about B2U!

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    beyond-the-buyer-to-lucyB2B or B2C is X. It’s about B2U!

    Confusion over old-hat terms diverts from reaching users

    Even seasoned OP professionals don’t seem to get that B2B and B2C marketing distinctions are dead! Resellers need to reach user choosers now, not just commodity buyers. That means marketing beyond the buyer to Lucy…

  • Keurig Green Mountain Q2'14 Financial Review

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    Keurig-montage-2013Coffee king Keurig

    growth cooling off

    Adds famous brands to portfolio

    ready for new 2.0 brewer launch


    7 May’14

    Keurig Green Mountain, the $4Bn+ in sales leader in specialty coffee brewers for US homes and offices, today announced a slow down in sales growth but increased profitability in Q2’14 ended 29 Mar’14

  • HP in cloud cuckoo land

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    whitman-meg-cloudHP in cloud
    cuckoo land

    Meg’s half-hearted attempt 

    to defend dinosaur position


    7 May’14

    HP is to invest $1Bn in cloud computing over next 2 years to defend itself against the burgeoning giants Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Typical of CEO Meg Whitman, its far too little and far too late for the old tech giant...

  • Office Depot: NY State of mendacity

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    schmidt-cookie-jar-2Depot's New York

    State o/Mendacity

    Never ending frequent frauds &

    systematic overcharging fined


    7 May’14

    NY StateAttorney General Eric Schneidermanannounced Wednesday a $475,000 settlement with Office Depot for improperly overcharging.

  • Arrow Electronics Q1'14 Financial Review

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    long-mike-arrow-presentingArrow electronics
    losing its spark

    Solid components sales gains
    offset by soft server demand


    6 May’14
    Arrow Electronicsthe $20Bn+ in sales, global provider of IT products, services today reported slower sales for Q1’14 reversing previous positive trends

  • Alibaba aces Amazon value

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    ma-jack-alibaba-singsAlibaba aces

    Amazon value

    Initial Public Offering imminent

    with $250Bn valuation expected


    6 May’14

    Alibaba Group’s chairman and founder Jack Ma is a charismatic leader who is planning an IPO soon on NYSE. China’s equivalent to Amazon processes 3x its sales volume…

  • Office Depot Q1'14 Financial Review

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    Smith-Rowland-depot-chainsawDown, down

    Depot and down

    Chainsaw Smith’s 'optimisation'

    i.e. scything savings, underway.

    Transformation aka termination


    6 May’14 (Complete)

    Office Depot/Max, the beleaguered bigbox OP combo continued its slide towards $16Bn sales and losing market share rapidly, according to Q1’14 results. Annual sales rates have fallen 35% since 2007. 'Chainsaw charmer' was pleased with progress and economical with the truth...

  • Lexmark offers to buy Readsoft

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    readsoft-paper-scatterLexmark leans

    into software

    Offers to buy document

    sorting services company


    6 May’14

    Lexmark International the lagging printer maker has offered $184.2 million offer to purchase Swedish software maker Readsoft.

  • Paperless trend is inexorable. Is market in denial?

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    commodity-cliffPaperless trendinescapable. Is market in denial?

    Paper-related makers latest Q1reports confirm sharp decline

    Latest Q1’14 financial results to date confirm sales of paper, PC/printer & ink makers; plus trad OP vendors were all in decline in US/Europe. Why are complacent CEO’s underestimating the terminal trend? Many still blame weather and economic headwinds!?

  • office2office - Nick Gerber activist investor approach

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    o2o-montageGerber o2o

    grab guileless

    Ignorant investor portrays

    Banner as OP laggard not

    managed services leader


    5 May’14 (Updated)

    Understandably, activist US investor Nick Gerberhas targeted UK leading business services group, office2officeas an undervalued opportunity. His critical letter to shareholders re ‘plodding along’ is clueless claptrap…

  • Can OP dealers sell the hygiene factor?

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    Washroom-hygiene-womanCan dealers sell hygiene factor?

    Most stuck in the same old jansan ‘junk margin’ market

    We have seen recently how increasing numbers of OP dealers approach the huge hygiene and refreshments market opportunity. They are adopting the same old transactional ‘commodity’ pricing approach, rather than offering better services…

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