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  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos: Modern day Robin Hood?

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    Jeff Bezos is the Modern day Robin HoodAmazon Effect 

    Bezos: Modern day Robin Hood?

    Amazon chief robs bigboxes to give to the entrepreneur

    27 Apr’14 (Updated)

    We’ve written prolifically about the imminent World#1 in business supplies Amazon. The motive? To alert dealers to their greatest threat, flying stealthily under the radar, directly to users. We now provide insight from another angle on the Walmart of the Web…

  • Tech titan Tencent tag Amazon & Facebook

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    ma-pony-tencent-penguinTitan Tencent tag Amzn & Facebook

    Tech war raging in China... a  winner seems set to emerge.

    Amazon dominates ecommerce in the US; Alibaba, Tencent and Baiduare vying for dominance in China with eyes on western markets. Tencent’s lead in mobility looks like giving it a major edge.

  • Office Depot wholesaler decision distorted

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    Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanDepot wholesaler

    decision distorted

    Analysts' hype over beleaguered

    bigbox ignores its self destruction

    & major competitors’ aggression


    24 Apr’14 (Complete)

    There’s been much press and analysts’ coverage of Office Depot’s decision to appoint SPRichards as first call wholesaler. Who cares? Depot’s destruction assisted by progressive competitors’ action will abbreviate any advantage...

  • Acme United Q1'14 Financial Review

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    Westcott--scissorsAcme’s cutting
    edge maintained

    Continued strength in US
    dampened by weak Europe


    17 Apr’14

    Acme United today announced strong results for Q1’14 financial results to 31 Mar’14, in spite of falling sales in Europe.

  • Handybook demos managed services model of future

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    handybook-dua-hanrahanNew managed services model?

    Handybook duo growth plans in cleaning and office services

    On-demand services provider Handybook enables users to hire a cleaner, furniture assembler, plumber or handy man with a tap on your iPhone.

  • Costcutter King Bezos slashes Amazon prices

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    Cost Cutting King - Jeff Bezos, AmazonCostcutter King Bezos' Amazon slashes prices

    AWS cloud services, Kindle, business supplies all reduced 

    6 Apr'14

    The ‘Cloud Wars’ took last week's headlines as Amazon followed Googlein slashing storage prices, but that was only part of the Godzilla’sattack...Tuesday, sorry

  • Office Depot decide on OP wholesaler

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    Depot-Smith-wholesaler-balance14Breaking News!

    Depot decide

    OP wholesaler

    Short-term benefit to SPR will

    prove long-term gain for United


    3 Apr’14

    The long anticipated decision from Office Depoton who it would choose as first call wholesaler for the $400m+ contract has been made. United Stationers loss today could well prove to be a huge profit tomorrow...

  • HP Turnaround? Seeking Alpha's Devil's Advocate position

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    whitman-meg-HP-telescopeHollow Prospects

    Seeking Alpha takes devil’s
    advocate position on HP’s
    tenuous turnaround plan

    3 Apri’14
    Optimism currently surrounds HP because it is touted to have started a turnaround. But, it is still mired in declining markets and holds weak positions in growth markets.

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