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  • Greenwood Office growth gains AOPD award

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    Wood-Geo-GreenwoodProficiency Profile

    Greenwood gains top AOPD award

    Key differentials drive George Wood's specialist services sales 

    Last week we attended the annual meeting of the original dealer group AOPD and sat down with Greenwood Office's George Woodwhose growth, deservedly won its best dealer award in 2014. Follows on Friday

  • The World's Top Office Leaders

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    Office-World-Leaders-2014Proficiency Index

    The World’s Top

    10 Office Leaders

    The lessons we can learn from

    their brilliant business success


    25 Mar’14 (Complete)

    Fortune Magazinepublished in its April edition the World’s 50 greatest leaders. We respond to its initiative with the Proficiency Index Top 10 World Leaders in the 21st Century Office marketplace.

  • CDW: Complete Direct Wholesaler

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    Composite Direct Wholesaler

    Leader gains market share in managed tech services with 4000+ specialist sales force


    Investment analysts Seeking Alpha profiled CDW, the $11Bn in sales, leading technology reseller and wholesaler. We share their observations together with our own analysis of this best practice performer in productivity services

  • Crystal Rock Financial Review Q1'14

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    crystal-rock-truckCrystal rocked 

    by Universal loss

    Heavy water & coffee sales

    declines. On road to ruin?


    17 Mar’14

    Crystal Rock,the US northeast region beverage distributor reported today its progress since it acquired Universal in Sept’13. We called CEO Peter Baker to discuss...

  • Will Amazon be #1 Wholesaler?

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    amazon-bezos-omnivoreWill Amazon be

    #1 wholesaler?

    Broadest business supply range,

    personalized service/webstores,

    & super reseller systems support. 


    17 Mar’14 (Updated)

    Like many, we have grown up within the structured thinking of the OP industry. Is all this tradition going to be smashed by the carefree “everything to everybody’ attitude of Jeff Bezos’omnivore Amazon? We spoke with reseller services chief Seb Gunningham

  • Business Supplies Market Analysis

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    amazon-fc-long-viewBusiness supplies

    market analysis

    Merging of OP, MRO/industrial,

    refreshments, technology and

    ergonomics markets is ON!


    14 Mar’14

    As discussed in ‘The race to infinity’ category expansion is on. But its not just OP players expanding categories, it’s industrial, food & beverage; and tech suppliers moving into the office. Here is an analysis of the leaders' moves...on Tuesday

  • Papermakers get unexpected boost from specialities

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    mohawk-shutterflyPapermakers get

    unexpected boost

    Fine papers & packaging drive

    new demand for Mohawk & IP


    10 Mar’14

    WSJ’s Katherine Rosman reported that high quality paper from Mohawkand a planned switch to packaging by IPhas boosted sales and profitability and offset declining printing paper market.

  • Apple's Tim Cook: iShadow or Apple of Ive

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    cook-tim-apple-iPhone5Cook: iShadow

    or Apple of Ive

    Common perception that post

    Steve Jobs era lacks innovation

    when the reverse is true


    1 Mar’14

    Author of "Haunted Empire, Apple after Steve Jobs", Yukari Kane discusses what she's learned about CEO Tim Cook, and whether she believes Apple has lost its way since Steve Jobs died.

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