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  • 15 Positive Proposals for 2015

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    15  P o s i t i v e
    Proposals for ‘15

    Practical guidelines to win in new

    Personal Productivity Services mkt

    & beat OP market down trends


    31 Dec'14
    Most forecasters agree that 2015 will be a strong year of economic growth, business and consumer spending. So no more excuses! The urgent need is to satisfy customer demand for 'personal productivity services' that save time, money and space. Here's how to succeed...
  • 15 Playful Predictions for 2015

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    innovations1515 Playful Market
    Predictions for ‘15

    Watch for these BIG moves to
    happen in the PPS marketplace

    31 Dec'14

    What will happen with Amazon, Apple, Staples, Office Depot, United, WBMason, HP, SPOT (Spicers/OfficeTeam), Vasanta/VOW, Keurig, Grainger, dealers, groups, wholesalers, manufacturers in 2015. Here are our pointed predictions…

  • Personal technology trends for 2015

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.01.18 PMHot personal tech

    trends for 2015

    Productivity tools from Apple

    Microsoft, Google & Samsung 


    31 Dec'14

    WSJ's Geoff Fowler & Joanna Stern preview some of the hot technology promises made in 2014 and highlight the likely winners in 2015 and jhow we should prepare ourselves

  • Amazon Primes profits by $5bn

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    Bezos-amazons-robin-hoodAmazon Primes

    profits by $5Bn

    How ‘unprofitable’ etailer boosts

    GP without buying better & then

    invests more in customer service 


    31 Dec’14 (Complete)

    Stockmarket and industry analysts persistently criticized Amazonfor its lack of profits and shares were marked down by 22% over the year. Meanwhile, it increased Prime prices and boosted membership and margins...

  • Staples data hack attack confirmed

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 06.37.23Staples’ data

    hack attack

    POS systems infected by

    malware hits 1.2m shoppers


    19 Dec’14

    Staplesconfirmed today that the suspected data breach reported here on 20 October had indeed occurred. Not a good week for unwelcome intruders?

  • Your customer intimacy imperative - Gartner

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    customer-intimacy-heart-mobileYour customer



    Gartner predicts a ‘customer

    experience battlefield’ in '15.


    19 Dec’14

    The connected economy continues its path of creative destruction, so much so that it is changing the nature of competition itself. The #1 opportunity for local OP resellers to use CRM tools to reach users beyond the buyer. How quickly will you respond?

  • SPOT's Annus Horribilis farce

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    Whiteway-jeff-SPOT-king-canuteSPOT’s ‘Annus
    Horribilis’ farce

    Tailspinning tale of ‘Synergistic
    Propaganda’ reaches hilarious
    heights of incredulity & deceit

    19 Dec’14 (Updated) 
    Spicers/OfficeTeam’s (aka SPOT) CEO Jeff 'Whitewash' Whitewayhas sent an anally long, Queen-like Christmas message to all his long-suffering subjects. It’s tragic to see Spicers, for 30 years the icon of UK OP industry, destroyed by the toxic mix of Better Capital & Officeteam…
  • PaperWorld 2015 Conference Preview

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    2015 wake, papers overcracks

    of anachronistic German show.


    19 Dec’14

    The Annual Paperworld Fair 2015 renewal takes place in February. Sadly the ‘must-do’ event of the 90’s has faded into obsolescence and the conference should be held in a more modern, upbeat business environment

  • Blackberry crushed

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    Sales plunge to less than

    1% of smart phone market


    19 Dec’14

    BlackBerry’scost-cutting continues but CEO John Chen’s record as a turnaround expert is on the line as the smartphone maker’s sales dived steeply again...

  • Amazon Prime Now NY launch

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    amazon-bike-courier-NYCAmazon primes

    NY delivery Now

    Race to infinity, immediacy

    & beyond. Bezos' 94 vision:

    Everything store vision close 


    18 Dec’14

    As first reported on 9 Dec’14, Amazonhas launched Prime Now, a service in Manhattan promising delivery in as soon as one hour. How will local dealers' react?

  • Dealer Groups going direct e.g. Soennecken

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 04.08.59Dealer groups

    going direct?

    Soennecken move follows UK

    wholesalers. Will it buy Otto?


    18 Dec’14

    We’ve been reflecting on German #1 dealer group’s Soennecken’s recent decision to go direct. Sounds similar to moves made by Spicers, Vasantaand US group TriMegaback in 2011. Why are they not focusing on dealers’ marketing?

  • WebWatch 2014 - Round 7

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    webwatch-2014-round62014 WebWatch Round 7

    Poor or Powerful


    Wake up! Complacency reigns.

    Wanted: user & mobile friendly,

    minimum clicks user experience


    18 Dec’14

    After publishing the WebWatch 2014 Leaderboard Round 6 in October we review the final list of progressive resellers to check if they have optimized the shopping experience for users, especially mobile. Ratings and mini-profiles follow this weekend + Final WebWatch Winners 2014 tomorrow

  • FAME Index - Best brand designs 2014

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    reseller-brand-logos-2013FAME Index

    Best brand

    designs 2014

    Review of US & UK resellers’

    images, logos and straplines 


    18 Dec’14

    At last progressive dealers are getting the importance of brand image. More and more are moving away from a ‘cut-and-paste’ look, overloaded with cheap ‘kitchen-sink’ impressions of paperclips and stationery. Here’s the FAME Index team’s review of the Best for 2014 (2013 pic left)...later today

  • Herman Miller Q2'15 Financial Review

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    Herman-Miller-montageHerman Miller:

    momentum rising

    Worldwide demand growing

    for 12th consecutive quarter


    17 Dec’14

    Leading contract furniture maker Herman Millerjust announced strong sales and profits growth for Q2’15 ended 29 Nov’14 with a bright order outlook

  • Ergotron elevate Nortek's growth

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    Ergotron-sitstand-deskErgotron elevate

    Nortek’s growth

    Sit/stand desks & charging

    carts energize education sales


    17 Dec’14

    Nortek, the diversified parent of technology brand Ergotron,recently reported impressive growth gains in the education market for its innovative products in Q3’14

  • BOSS OP Industry Outlook

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    commodity-cliffBOSS Outlook

    lulls complacency

    Survey report fails to address

    the most pressing market issues 


    17 Dec'14

    The latest UK BOSS Federation Outlook survey reveals trade continued to be positive, but less than in the previous quarters. The air of comfort is palpable and competitive threats from new entrants and mobility issues were noticeably absent...

  • Starboard stake in Staples - Boston Globe view

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    Analysts treat Staples as retailer

    when 80% sales in business supply


    17 Dec’14

    Yesterday Steven Syre, Boston Globe columnist headlined an op-ed “No hedging possibility of Staples merger now”. His interpretation of Starboard’s new stake in Staples/Depotwas a typical show of market myopia and ignorance...

  • Dixons CarPhone First Half Results 2015

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    boost for Dixons

    Accelerating growth in sales 

    aided by competitor’s collapse


    17 Dec’14

    The first half results of newly merged European electronics combo Dixons Carphone are in showing the benefits of a consolidating mobile market..

  • The Greenest Companies List 2014

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    sustainability-superstars-2013Proficiency Index Survey

    The Greenest

    Companies List

    Who are 2014 champions

    of sustainability & ethics?


    17 Dec'14 (Complete)

    Newsweek magazine has published its ‘Green Rankings 2014’ for US companies. We list those included from the global business supplies industry, plus the latest initiatives by market leaders in corporate social responsibility (CSR): sustainability, ethics and cutting carbon emissions...

  • C0working space odyssey by WeWork

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 17.08.42C o–w o r k i n g
    s p a c e odyssey

    Freelancing & entrepreneurial
    revolution boosts WeWork value

    16 Dec'14
    One of the trends we've highlighted in the past 3 years is urbanization and the rapid growth of co-working shared spaces in cities like NY, Boston, Seattle, SF and Chicago. Here’s the WeWork case study

  • Insight chief: Treat technology as an asset not a cost

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 15.29.17Treat tech as an

    asset not a cost

    Insight chief urges resellers

    to change attitude and invest


    16 Dec'14
    As demand for cloud and services increase, Insight's EMEA president Wolfgang Eberman warns of the need to change customers' attitudes towards IT spending

  • Brand Standing Champions 2014

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    Lucy-loves-brandsProficiency Index

    Brand standing

    champions 2014

    Most associate brand with

    product. Top brands stand

    for memorable experience 

    16 Dec’14

    Branding’s big guns like Coca Cola stand for happiness; Nike for can-do attitude. Here are 25 PPS brands that stand for productivity improvement…

  • The New Entrepreneurial Revolution

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    Gazelle v BigboxThe emerging


    r e v o l u t i o n

    Bigbox collapse & new age of

    wholesaling inspires gazelles 


    15 Dec'14

    The perfect storm happened on Thursday! Starboard's move on Staples & Office Depot ominously endangered their market future, playing into the hands of a new entrepreneurial revolution, fuelled by the power of wholesalers e.g. Amazon, Ingram Micro, UnitedandWestcoast...

  • Furnituremakers Inscape & Virco Financial Reviews

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 18.43.54

    Inscape & Virco’s

    positive progress

    Furniture makers results season

    underway. Miller & Steelcase next


    15 Dec’14

    It’s the season of goodwill and good results from leading furniture makers. We kick off with reports analysis on Inscape and Virco today

  • Keurig acquire Bevyz mult-beverage maker

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 22.41.40Keurig capture

    multi-bev maker

    Adds complementary innovator 

    in espresso, coke & orange juice


    4 Dec’14

    Keurig Green Mountain continued its relentless expansion into new beverages with the acquisition of European multi-drink system maker, including espresso. Yow!

  • Starbucks opens Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 18.01.48Starbucks stages

    new Reserve cafe 

    Roastery local cafes to create

    ‘Willy Wonka’ type experience


    5 Dec’14

    Today in Seattle, Starbucks opened its first Starbucks ‘Reserve’ café a new mini-roastery and restaurant. CEO Howard Schultz (pic left)plans to roll out these new immersive experiences in 2015

  • Über market capitalization passes $40Bn

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 17.14.46Unbelievable Uber

    value hits $40Bn+

    Delivery service disruptor attracts

    investors, happy customers and

    bigger business supply resellers


    5 Dec'14

    Uber, the taxi and delivery service, has raised new funding from some of the world’s top investorsvaluing it at $41Bn. It's incredible ride now approaches giant rivalFedExat $51Bn. Can it maintain its meteoric expansion pace?

  • Staples launches Exchange business supplies marketplace

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 20.37.26Staples chases

    Amazon array

    Broadline business supply brands

    range racing towards 3m sku’s...


    5 Dec’14 (Updated)

    Leading OP reseller Stapleshas confirmed the launch of Staples Exchange its online marketplace for its broadening business supplies range. We spoke with ecommerce chief Faisal Masudabout plans... 

  • Change space. Change culture.

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    office-interior-instagram2Change space!

    Change culture.

    Inspire higher performance

    by rethinking workspace design


    4 Dec’14

    Rex Miller principal of mindShift, a consortium of large architectural companies, reckons that most workers are disillusioned with their jobs and that over half of all office space is wasted. Here's how to transform your offices...

  • ErgoExpo 2014 Report

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 16.03.22The Ergonomics

    movement is alive

    ErgoExpo’14 ends in LV. Health

    warning: Sitting the new smoking


    5 Dec’14

    Please stand up to read this! Your office is probably killing you? The 20th Anniversary ErgoExpo started on Tuesday demonstrating thousands of products designed to improve personal comfort and productivity at work. Get first analysis report here...shortly

  • BYOD Breaks CIO control

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    byod-workers-lineBYOD breaks
    CIO control

    Personal productivity should
    be facilitated not restricted


    4 Dec’14
    CIOs want a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to maintain IT control, but in reality employees will do whatever they want regardless. Time to adapt to the massive mobility trend...

  • Market Research is nonsense. Go backwards to move forwards

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    Personalised-emarketingGo backwards to

    move forwards

    Most research is nonsense.

    Decide purpose, framework &

    analytics. Assign researcher


    3 Dec’14

    Marketing Week leading writer Mark Ritson, opines that ‘Backwards’ market research will help you move forward. Here's why we agree with this approach...

  • Tech Data CEO Bob Dutkowsky

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.07.25 AMThe future of

    IT wholesaling 

    25 Q&A's on Mobility & Cloud

    for TechData chief Dutkowsky


    3 Dec'14

    CRNinterviewed TechData's highly regarded CEO Bob Dutkowsky to discuss the current marketplace and future developments affecting the $28Bn in sales #2 IT wholesaler with $28Bn in sales forecast for 2014....

  • HP Discover 2014 Barcelona Report

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 21.29.23Do Meg’s Hyped

    Platitudes matter?

    HP Discover conference keynote

    follows same substance-free path


    3 Dec’14 (Updated)

    There’s no doubt that HP CEO Meg Whitman is a charming marketer of broad brush strokes that convince investors. But can she truly make HP responsive, innovative, agile and less arrogant? Here's a review of its new products...

  • Amazon's Jeff Bezos bets big on digital drive

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 01.10.32Bezos bets BIG

    on digital drive

    Business Insider Ignition talk:

    “Treat Amazon as a start up” 


    2 Dec’14 (Complete)

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezoswas interviewed by BI’s Henry Blodgett today. Under fire from investors over low profitability, he countered with his high growth, strong margins, high investment model…

  • Super 'Cyber Week' mobilized - IBM Report

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    Lucy-ipad-iphone-cafeSuper 'Cyber

    Week' mobilized

    Online up 13%; mobile up 27%;

    Mobile mix 41%; Amazon up 35% 


    2 Dec’14 (12:00ET Complete)

    IBM Digital Analytics Benchmarkreported strong growth from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, culminating with a record five-day 'Cyber Week' period for online shopping.

  • Autonomy chief exposes GAAP in HP's fraud claims

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    HP-whitman-lynchAutonomy chief

    exposes GAAP in

    HP's fraud claims

    Is $5Bn writeoff smoke screen for

    incompetence/dodgy diligence?


    2 Dec’14

    Autonomy founder Mike Lynchplans to ask SEC to investigate evidence that he believes shows HPmade “false representations to the market” over its massive $5Bn writedown on its acquisition of the UK software maker.

  • Productivity Reinvented by Microsoft

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.43.58 PMProductivity
    made s e x y

    Microsoft CEO Nadella wants
    to help people get stuff done

    2 Dec'14
    In July, Microsoft'snew CEO, Satya Nadella,issued a memo to employees about the company’s strategic direction. Mobile First...Cloud First...Productivity: Reinvented...all explained here:
  • Cyber Monday's mobile movement decod

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    lucy-shopping-mobileManic Monday's
    mobile movement

    Thanksgiving weekend shopping

    spree up, plus Cyber +8%. Retail

    store traffic down; IBM reports


    1 Dec’14 (19:00ET)
    Cyber Monday sales surged to a new record as more shoppers skipped physical stores for the convenience and deals offered by Amazon.com, Target and Walmartwebstores

  • Ingram Micro acquires again in Europe

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    ingram-micro-montage-2014Ingram acquires
    again in Europe

    Expands international mobile
    lifecycle management services

    1 Dec'14
    The world's #1 wholesaler Ingram Micro with $44Bn in sales, added another $300m French distributor to Armada,the Turkish IT wholesaler it acquired in October
  • Better Capital reports on SPOT (Spicers/Officeteam)

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    Of Terminators

    VC Better (aka Worse) Capital

    reports disingenuous nonsense 


    1 Dec'14 (Updated)

    We‘re grateful to Spicers/Officeteam (SPOT)’s PR service OPIfor the ‘encouraging’ progress report from owners Better Capital. Synergy used to be defined as 2+2 = five and thriving; not three and dying…

  • Thanksgiving weekend spend analysis

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 03.06.09Black Friday Blues

    mobilized by Bezos

    Amazon attack flattens retailers.

    iPhone users dominate buying.

    UK breaks records w/o holiday


    1 Dec’14

    Thanksgiving weekend retail spending is losing its lustre. Predictably shoppers shifted in droves to smartphones for their bargain browse‘n’buy binge, primarily to Amazon...

  • LED lighting the way forward

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    led-office-lightingLED lighting

    way forward

    Volume doubles as pricing

    become more affordable

    30 Nov’14
    Taiwanese supply chain firms talking to Digitimes expect the total value of global LED lighting output to rise 30% next year, with a doubling of shipments more than offsetting 30%-35% price drops.

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