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  • Breakthrough'13 presentations


    Breakthrough'13 Presentation downloads


    Please click the links below to download the presentations from the Breakthrough'13 conference.


    01-02_Peter Frost - Proficiency Group, incorporating unified communications by One iota (pdf format 15.1Mb)


    03_Robert Stockford - Jabra (pdf format 16.6Mb)


    04_Catherine Burke - Banner Managed Communications (Prezi format zipped to 119.7Mb - You will have to unpack and run from your local drive)


    05_Alex Tahem - Westcoast (pdf format 3.8Mb)


    06_Simon Wallis - Spicers (pdf format 12.1Mb)


    07_Adam Stockwell - ECi (Prezi format that will play directly online)


    08_Peter Frost - Proficiency Group (pdf format 2.2Mb)



  • Proficiency Profile - JKL Solutions

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    JKL-miles-riceScintillating sales from

    Sales force


    JKL Solutions: the rising
    star in UK mid-market


    27 Mar'13
    JKL Solutionswas formed just 4 years ago by ex-PADSdirector Nick Miles and top sales guy Nathan Rice. Investment in 5 new sales people puts the UK reseller on course to achieve £5m sales in their 5th year...completed tomorrow, sorry

  • 4 insights into eco-perceptions

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    Mills-trike-electric-truck4 insights into

    Affordability and increased
    productivity drive sustainability


    24 Mar’13
    Over the past several years, sustainability and business owners’ efforts to be green have evolved from mere fad to frontline strategies in many industries.

  • BREAKTHROUGH'13 Conference Report



    Unified commitment to provide
    services to lower customer costs


    24 Mar’13 (Complete)
    The top class presenters at the 9th BREAKTHROUGH marketing conference delivered excellent guidance on Unified Communications, M-Commerce and managed services. A new 'direction to perfection' in driving a 'personal productivity services' future. 

  • BREAKTHROUGH'13 - Mobilize your paperless future

    Marketing Conference

    Marketing 6 Pack

    for Post-OP era

    Thursday 21 March 2013

    at Kempton Park, near London


    20 Mar'13

    Just 1 day and counting down the hours to the 9thAnnual BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference to be held on Thursday 21 March 2013at the Kempton Park Conference Centre. Full programme and profiles completed here:....Book now!

  • Wholesalers on growth roll?

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    Wholesaler-leaders-2013Special Report


    on growth roll?

    Leaders’ marketing strategies, 
    support services for IDC.


    14 Mar'13
    This week we complete our review the marketing plans from the world's leading OPS wholesalers. United, Ingram Micro and Westcoast initially, then TechData, Synnex, SPRichards, Spicers and VOW. By tomorrow, sorry

  • Proficiency Profile - Nectere dealer services group

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    Nectere-montage-12N e c t e r e  new
    or nearly model?

    Can dealer groups’ demise be
    rescued by fresh services plan?


    4 Mar'13 (Complete)

    Most dealer groups focus on reducing cost-of-products. Nectere led by UK industry veteran Paul Musgrove believes he can provide services that reduce cost-to-serve and provide added value. Can it succeed? We spoke with marketing chief David Kowal...

  • Unified case builds v Office Depot in California

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    United Stationers v Office DepotUnified case builds v Depot

    Lawyer line up lengthens for California court battle

    3 Mar’12
    The meeting minutes of the Stockton Unified School District (CA)revealed that attempts at a settlement have failed in the huge overcharging fraud case against Office Depot...

  • Best Buy Q4'13 Financial Review

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    best buy-BrowseBest Buy flat

    and fading fast

    New online strategy too little, 

    too late to match Amazon...


    1 Mar’13

Best Buy,the US #1 consumer electronics retailer, continued its depressing decline in financial results for Q4’13 to 2 Feb’13. It continued to delude itself on market share…

  • Furniture market: fired up for future

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    furniture13-ergo-montageFurniture market:

    fired up for future

    Collaborative and ergonomic

    innovations brighten environment


    1 Mar'13

    The leading furnituremakers have completed their Q4’12 results reporting. We summarise and compare performances and highlight latest trends in the shift towards ‘lighter, brighter and whiter’ high performance workspaces…

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