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  • Top innovations. Top innovators of 2013

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    innovators-top-2013Top Innovations
    Top innovators

    We compare some illustrious
    icons with PPS leaders and
    list 2013’s best new products


    31 Dec'13 (Updated)
    Fast Company magazine recently reviewed the most innovative companies of 2013; and Forbesmagazinethe best breakthrough innovations. We feature the most innovative leaders and best innovations in the PPS marketplace…

  • Productivity Championship 2013

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    productivity-leaders-HT-2013Proficiency Index

    Productivity Championship 2013

    New champions
    of productivity

    Leaner stockless players and
    new entrants set hot pace


    26 Dec’13 (Complete)

    Merry Christmas! We’ve completed the best practice review of the most universally accepted measure of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. We publish our 2013 full-year review of leaders here:

  • Christmas Crackers & Top Turkeys 2013

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    Christmas-crackers-2012Christmas Crackers

    & Top Turkeys 2013

    Fun look back on transformative

    paperless, printless yr of progress


    25 Dec’13 (Complete)

    Merry Christmas! 2013 will go down as a tough year for ‘turkeys’ citing ‘soft markets’ as a cause of failure. For progressives it’s been another cracking year of growth, albeit in new categories. Nominations closed yesterday and here are the final lists including profiles and top choices...

  • Top 30 Fastest Growing Resellers over $5m sales

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    Fastest-growing-resellers20m-2013Proficiency Index

    Top 30 Fastest

    Growing Resellers

    Double-digit dynamos growing

    10%+ in 2013 sales under $20m


    20 Dec’13 (Complete)

    Last week, we published the Top 20 Fastest Growing Resellers list of double-digit dynamos in the US/UK PPS marketplace with sales over $20m. The Top 30 over $5m sales is complete

  • FAME Index - Best brand designs 2013

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    reseller-brand-logos-2013F A M E  Index

    Best brand
    designs 2013

    Review of US & UK resellers’
    images, logos and straplines

    19 Dec’13
    At last progressive dealers are getting the importance of brand image. More are moving away from a ‘cut-and-paste’ look, overloaded with cheap ‘kitchen-sink’ impressions of paperclips and stationery. Here’s the FAME Index team’s review of the Best for 2013...Ratings complete, review follows
  • Top 50 Fastest Growing Resellers

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    fastest-growing-7-2013-v2Proficiency Index

    Top 50 Fastest

Growing Resellers

    Double-digit dynamos growing

, with progressive PPS aim


    15 Dec'13 (Updated)
    Fortune magazinerecently published its Fastest Growing Companies List, so as usual we publish a similar list for the double-digit dynamos in the US/UK PPS marketplace. We publish the Top 20 with sales over $20m below, and the Top 30 over $5m sales with growth at 10%+ follows on 20 Dec'13


  • Top OPS Cities 2013

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    5-citiesTop OPS cities – 2013

    Can anyone

budge Boston?

    Chicago, London, MSP, Seattle
    SF, NY & Boston compete again


    10 Dec’13
    The Proficiency Index annual review of Top OPS Cities is complete and some previous winners, rank high again. And the winner is…

  • WebWatch 2013 - Round 7

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    Webwatch13-Round7-montage2013 WebWatch Round 7

    Wonderful or

woeful webstores

    Are OP dealers complacent 

    v. best e.g. Shoplet/Amazon?


    8 Dec’13 

    After years of lagging behind, dealers are waking up to the importance of webstores. However, most are closed, industrial, overstructured, difficult to ‘browse and buy’; and unfriendly to mobile users. C’mon dealers unless you address these issues Amazon will continue to eat your lunch…Ratings complete, reviews follow

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