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  • 2012 WebWatch - Round 2

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    Webstore-montage2012-R22012 WebWatch - Round 2

    Woeful or

    Are resellers making progress
    v best practice e.g. Shoplet?


    29 May’12 (Updated)

    Last week we published Round 1 of the 2012 WebWatch. If there is one thing that independents should do to inspire sales people, customers and attract new business users, it's create user-friendly webstore, then optimise it for mobile users. Round 2 WebWatch results published here plus commentary...

  • Meaningless marketing case

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    Yell-brandFAME Index

    marketing case

    UK’s YELL rebrands itself
    as instantly forgettable ‘hibu’


    24 May’12

    YELL Groupthe Yellow PagesUK directory publisher has committed one of the cardinal sins in marketing. It paid major money to a big branding agency, which goes to prove that even experts lack common sense…

  • Staples/NJPA an impeccable partnership

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    an “impeccable
    p a r t n e r s h i p”

    Rapid growth built on integrity,
    trust and dedication to serve.


    24 May’12 (Completed 15:00ET; 20:00 BST)

    Staplesand NJPA,the government owned purchasing agency has doubled in size over the past 2 years. We discussed the success of the 7 years partnership with NJPA’s Mike Hajek and Staples’ Jay Baitlerand NeilRingel.

  • Best Buy Q1'13 Financial Review

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    best-buy-launchB e s t  B u y's

    bold blueprint

    Interim CEO Mikan delivers

    reality check to inspire investors


    22 May’12 (Complete)
    Best Buy
    the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported another steep decline in financial results for Q1’13. Interim CEO Mike Mikan impressed with his forthright maiden webcast...

  • Proficiency Index - Winning Webstore 2012 Review

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    Webwatch12-Round-12012 WebWatch - Round 1

    3 steps to web

    Are resellers making progress
    v best practice e.g. Shoplet

    21 May’12 (Complete)

    How long do users stay on webstores? Seconds unless the home page is refreshed with new information, new products or special offers…daily. This is a prelude to the 2012 Winning Webstorereview...Round 1 results are complete

  • 10 Masters of reinvention

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    isgroup-on-fireMasters of

    10 leading OPS companies
    that sustained brand integrity


    3 May'12 (Complete)

    Only 13% of Fortune 500 companies in 1995 have maintained their status. Companies that don’t change get left behind. Here are 10 that reinvented, and 10 that haven’t…

  • Culver honor code credited by Office Depot whistleblower

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    Culver honor
    code credited

    Divulging Depot’s dirty deeds
    inspired by Academy’s morals


    3 May’12

    Whistleblower David Sherwin credits his years at Culver Military Academy (IN)as his guiding moral compass in exposing Office Depot'ssystematic fraudulent overcharging schemes.

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