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  • Best Buy Financial Review Q1'12

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    best_buy-BrowseBest Buy reacts

    to Amazon attack

    CEO Dunn in denial with

    diversionary downsizing
    and multichannel spin?


    29 Mar’12 (Complete)

    Best Buy, the world’s leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported another set of disappointing results for Q4’12 ended 3 Mar’12. We were reminded once again of CEO Brian Dunn’s(pic below)defensiveness in dealing with analysts at the webcast…

  • Can Best Buy battle back?

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    Dunn-Brian-Best-BuyCan Best Buy
    battle back?

    Results out this week. Has it
    addressed ‘best browse’ jibe?


    27 Mar’12

    Brian Dunn is a Best Buy lifer, that rarest of CEOs who went from the shop or showroom floor to the corner office. He sold TVs in a Minneapolis store. Now he runs the company that sells more flat screens than any other retailer anywhere, Wal-Martincluded.

  • Office Depot's whitewash won't wash

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    Depot’s white
    wash, won’t wash

    Propaganda partner attempts

    to minimize USC contract loss


    25 Mar’12

    On Friday OPI published a story headed ‘Schools contract didn't achieve expected sales’ leaving readers with a false impression of Office Depot’s recent heavy losses…

  • Proficiency Profile - Penketh's

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    Proficiency Profile

    Penketh's: the
    OPS progressive

    Personalized productivity

    p r o v i d e r  o f  h i g h

    performance workplaces


    21 Mar’12 (Complete)

    Last week, we visited Penketh’s,one of the UK’s top 3 progressive OPS resellers. It was joy to review the tremendous progress they have made in the past few years…

  • Depot dismissed from USC schools contract

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    Depot dismissed
    from schools contract

    US Communities severs all ties


    19 Mar’12

    In another massive blow to the beleaguered bigbox player Office Depot, U.S. Communities (USC) has announced the termination of the National School Supply Contract through lead agency Fairfax County Schools (VA)...

  • ODgate Scandal: Depot does Dallas for $1.8m

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    ODgate Scandal:
    Breaking News!

    D e p o t  does
    Dallas for $1.8m

    Assisting Texas neighbours
    with similar fraud investigations


    13 Mar’12

    Dallas County has today released emails revealing that it assisting the City of Houston and Maricopa County in ongoing fraud audits-investigations of Office Depot.

  • Proficiency Profile - Discount Office Items

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    Discount_Office_webstore__Tim_HortonDiscount dynamos
    double sales drive

    US #2 etailer embraces Twitter
    and Facebook to fuel growth


    9 Mar'12 (Complete)

    In February, we visited Columbus (WI) to meet the team leading one of the hottest etailers on the planet, Discount Office Items (DOI).We speak with TimandJim Hortonand marketing chief Joe Schaefer

  • ODgate Scandal: Resign call for CA official

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    ODgate Scandal rages

    Resign call for
    California official

    Whistleblower accuses
    procurement chief of failure

    to uphold state law


    8 Mar’12

    Today, Office Depot whistle-blower David Sherwin has called on the California DGS, State Procurement Officer, Jim Butlerto immediately resign his position.

  • Proficiency Profile - Bill Jones The Office City

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    OfficeCity-Bill-JonesProficiency Profile

    The Office City
    lights the way

    Bill Jones discusses the progress
    of AOPD and his Bay Area ace


    6 Mar’12 (Complete)

    Bill Jonesis chairman/director of global contract group AOPDand CEO of The Office City (Redwood, CA). We discussed the remarkable progress of the group over the past 5 years and the brand refresh at his progressive OPS reseller…

  • Proficiency Profile - Jack Dorsey Twitter & Square

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    dorsey-jack-twitterProficiency Profile

    Twitter is not
    social media!

    It’s strictly the best business
    communications medium


    3 Mar’12

    Jack Dorsey is the genius founder of Twitterand Square,the brilliantly simple and affordable mobile payment device that is revolutionizing small businesses. He talks with Fast Company’s Ellen McGirt…

  • Acme United Q4'11 Financial Review

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    ACME-scissors3Acme’s cutting
    edge growth

    Innovation key to its sharpness


    2 Mar’12

    Acme United today announced impressive results for Q4’11 financial results to 31 Dec’11...

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