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  • Office Depot CUF linked to California scam

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    Depot CUF linked
    to California scam

    Asinine Austrian fails to elevate
    ethics code and violates law


    29 Feb’12

    Office Depot’sobsession with incompetence and unethical behaviour knows no bounds. They have returned to plunder the California State contract they lost in 2010, illegally…

  • Proficiency Profile - Pay-LESS Office Products

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    payless-team2Pay–LESS for
    more productivity

    Omaha reseller gears up
    to double sales by 2017


    25 Feb’12 (Complete)

    Jim Matgenand Keith Powellstarted Pay-LESS Office Products26 years ago and built one of the leading US regional resellers. They have just invested in sales and marketing professionals to start a new phase of growth...

  • Proficiency Profile - Friends Business Source

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    Proficiency Profile

    Friends for

    Ohio’s leading OPS reseller’s
    plan to double sales by 2017


    19 Feb’12 (Complete)

    Last week we visited one of the most progressive OPS resellers in the US, Ken Schroeder’s Friends Business Source based in Findlay (Ohio). We speak with VP sales and marketing Betsy Hughes…

  • ODgate Scandal: More fraud investigations in 2012

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    ODGate Scandal:
    Special Report

    Depot damaged
    and drowning...

    More fraud investigations to

    plague and sink it in 2012?


    19 Feb’12

    May’12 marks the 5th anniversary of self-destruction for the beleaguered ex-#1 bigbox Office Depot.Instead of abating, the fraud investigations are expected to escalate …

  • Proficiency Profile: United unplugged...Todd Shelton

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    shelton-todd-united-vision2Proficiency Profile

    U n i t e d

    Shelton shares strategies
    for inspiring independents


    18 Feb’12 (Complete)

    Last Tuesdaythe management team of United Stationers, the US#1 OP wholesaler, reported 2011 results. We asked new president Todd Shelton to expand on the plans he outlined in the webcast…

  • Proficiency Profile - Ursula Burns of Xerox

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    burns-ursula-xerox-logoProficiency Profile
    Winning women in OPS

    Xerox vision
    Burns bright

    CEO’s passion to win the
    BPO, managed services market

    14 Feb’12

    Xerox CEO Ursula Burns sees her company’s transition to services provider as part of its longtime mission: streamlining businesses’ processes.

  • Papermakers Q4'11 Financial Review

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    priced-up progress?

    UPM report strong sales;
    IP slower, Stora Enso flat


    8 Feb’12 (Updated)

    The world’s leading papermakers International Paper (#1), Stora Enso(#2) and UPM Kymmene(#3) have now completed their Q4'11 reports. We analyse Stora today and comment on comparative performances...

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