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  • Office Depot does Dallas for $1.8m

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    ODGate Scandal Latest News

    D e p o t  d o e s
    Dallas for $1.8m

    Auditor’s report released on
    US Communities contract


    29 Aug’11

    The Dallas County Auditorreleased its findingsearlier today relating to investigations into Office Depot’s office supplies contract…

  • Steve Jobs great genius

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    Proficiency Profile

    Steve Jobs’
    great genius

    Tribute to technology’s über user


    27 Aug’11

    Fast Company’s Cliff Kuangjust posted a great tribute to Apple’s new chairman Steve Jobsthat captured the true genius of the greatest business innovator of at least the last 50 years

  • Winning webstores 2011 - Round 3

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    Webstore-Review11-button-montageProficiency Index
    2011 WebWatch – 3rd Round

    Winning webstores

    How does your business supplies
    webstore compare with the best?


    28 Aug’11
    Women in business make over 80%+ of business supply decisions; 75%+ of women want to buy via Amazon-type webstores. To date only 13 of the best US/UK resellers match up. We report our 3rd Round review and list the overall 2011 YTD leaderboard...

  • Popularity Poll

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    Proficiency Index

    Popularity Poll

    An OPS comparative analysis…
    from Post-Its to headsets to iPads


    22 Aug’11 (Updated)

    The current Business Weekmagazine (15-28 August) features a review of what’s most popular in the world today. We conduct our own review of what’s hot in the Office Productivity Services (OPS) marketplace. We welcome your nominations and views please…

  • The rise of the low-cost, low carbon locals

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    sustainability-3The rise and rise of the…

    L o w - c o s t,
    low-carbon locals

    Community committed resellers
    stress their sustainability edge


    16 Aug’11

    We reported on the ‘Charitable Champions’ and the ‘Sustainability Stars’of the OPS market in our article dated 31 July. We now turn our attention to US local resellers demonstrating real commitment to the ‘buy local’ cause…

  • Crystal Rock Financial Results Q2'11

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    crystal-rock-truckCrystal Rock:
    steady start

    OPS new entrant’s results



    14 Aug’11

    Last November, publicly owned Crystal Rock,the US northeast region coffee and waterdistributor made its first move into the office market. We report its progress…

  • Eakes seeks MPS edge

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    miller-mark-eakesE a k e s  s e e k s

    M P S  e d g e

    Nebraska's #1 reseller creates
    Platinum/Gold special programs.


    14 Aug’11

    We first profiled Eakes,the leading OPS reseller in Nebraska a few years back.We talk again with president Mark Millerabout his continued progress especially in managed print services (MPS).

  • Proficiency Index 2011 User-Chooser Survey

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    Lucy-montage-2Proficiency Index

    2011 User-Chooser Survey

    What women
    want in business?

    “My favourite webstore is… I want an Amazon type shopping experience"


    10 Aug 11 (Complete)

    Our latest 2011 Proficiency Indexsurvey of UK businesswomen, primarily user-choosers with executive power and influence, is more comprehensive than ever. It provides tremendous insight into latest trends and how businesses have adapted positively to tougher times by seeking more productivity services from their providers.

  • Productivity Championship Leaders 2011

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    productivity-leaders11-web2Proficiency Index
    Productivity Championship 2011

    New productivity
    leaders leap ahead

    Leaner US entrants setting hotter pace

    6 Aug’11 (Complete)

    We’ve been busy reviewing best practice in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. We publish our 2011 half-year review of leaders…apologies for the delay

  • Innovative Independents

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    Innovators-iconsI n n o v a t i v e

    We compare these illustrious icons with some of today's progressive OPS leaders


    6 Aug’11 (Complete 1200ET; 1700 GMT)

    The latest Forbes Magazine ‘Innovators’edition (8 Aug) features the 50 best companies of tomorrow. We feature the innovative leaders in the OPS marketplace…

  • Papermakers Financial Review - Q2'11

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    positive progress

    Leaders post strong growth

    and profits from higher prices


    3 Aug'11 (Updated)

    Global leading papermakers International Paper, Stora Enso and UPM (today)announced strong financial results for Q2’11.

  • iBuy flying high in office supply

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    weber-ron-iBuyProficiency Profile

    iBuy flying high
    in office supply

    We interview Ron Weber on the
    secrets of his productivity success


    2 Aug’11

    Online retailer iBuyOfficeSupply.comof Plymouth (MN) is pushing the envelope on growth with cutting-edge Internet marketing strategies.

  • Productivity Championship 2011 Half Year Report

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    productivity-champions-2010Proficiency Index
    OP Reseller Half Year Report

    The Productivity
    Championship 2011

    Leaner US/UK entrants outpace 2010 leaders

    2 Aug'11

    We’ve been busy reviewing best practice in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. We publish our half-year review of leaders year to date…later today

  • 2011 Webstore Watch - 2nd Round Review

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    Web-button-montage2Proficiency Index
    2011 WebWatch – 2nd Round

    Winning webstores

    How does your business supplies
    webstore compare with the best?


    1 Aug’11 (Completed)
    Regular will know we continuously urge resellers to match the Amazon.com webstore experience that women in business prefer. The great news is that 8 matched or exceeded the experience in 1st Round Review. How will the 2nd Round of leading US/UK resellers compare?


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