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  • Double-dealing Depot a disgrace

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    Depot a disgrace

    Florida County Palm'd off for Texas


    30 Jul’11

    Old habits die-hard! As much as we wish to move on from the ODgate Scandalsaga ,CEO Neil Austrianperpetuates or tolerates its deceptive practices by robbing its home state.

  • MWV Financial Review Q2'11

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    at-a-glance-calendarMWV solid sales
    and profits growth

    Strong calendar and school supplies sales


    27 Jul’11
    the leading US packaging and stationery maker, reported a solid growth in its Q2’11 sales and profits.

  • Office Megatrends 2020 Refreshed

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    Productivity-to-lucyOffice Megatrends 2012 - New!

    From feeding printers

    to feeding PEOPLE!

    Provide personalized productivity

    services! Your 12 ezsentials now

    for success by 2020


    18 Jul’11

    It’s time for the annual review of the Megatrends that will shape the future of the Office Productivity Services (OPS) marketplace.

  • Productivity Review 2011

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    productivity-champions-2010Proficiency Index
    OP Reseller Half Year Review

    Who will lead 2011
    Productivity Review?

    Will leaner US/UK entrants
    outpace 2010 leaders?

    11 Jul’11

    Today we start to review best practice in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. Entries in before 22 July please...

  • Ingram Micro's CSR initiative

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    ingram-CSRIngram Micro’s
    CSR initiative

    Time for wholesalers to support
    local resellers’ low carbon advantage


    By Lucy Jermyn,

    9 Jul’11

    Ingram Micro, the world’s #1 technology wholesaler, has published its inaugural social responsibility report for 2010.

  • Office Depot shacking up with loan sharks?

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    Breaking News

    Depot shacking up with sharks?

    Financial partners tied
    to bank seized by FDIC


    9 Jul’11

    You could not make this stuff up! Office Depotdesperately seeking to boost sales with small businesses, announced yesterday, a small business loan program. Problem is…





  • Proficiency Profile - Bates Office (UK)

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    edmonds-michael-batesjpg Proficiency Profile

    Bates opens 
    growth gates

    Progressive OPS reseller's
    rapid rise into big league


    4 Jul'11 (Complete)

    On 27 June, Bates Office based in Crayford (Kent, UK) announced the acquisition of one of the North’s most progressive resellers to form an £11m ($18m) office productivity services provider. We met with the directors at their new offices to discuss future plans...

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