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  • Brand owner alert! GROUPON grabs spotlight

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    Groupon-vancouver-dealBrand Reseller Alert!

    G R O U P O N
    grabs spotlight

    Coupon king creates killer
    local deals for user choosers

    27 Feb’11

    Online coupon phenomenon GROUPON is achieving massive growth in revitalizing demand at local restaurants; and leisure, health and wellness centres. What a great opportunity for local office productivity resellers to participate!

  • ODgate News- Office Depot desperate acts

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    ODGate Scandal: News

    Dodgy Depot
    ducks and dives

    Desperate acts to defy drowning
    with competing co-ops


    27 Feb’11

    Seemingly in denial about the seriousness of impending Federal investigations, Office Depot’sBSD president Steve Schmidtcontinued to dig a deeper holewith competing government buying groups…

  • Feds raid to finish Depot

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    ODGate Scandal Shock!

    Feds raid to
    finish Depot?

    New fraud investigation holds devastating consequences


    23 Feb’11

    Hidden away in its 10K filing released yesterday, Office Depot disclosed the Justice Department was investigating fraudulent pricing practices relating to the $500m US Communities contract. Deceitful Depot, of course, were in denial and failed to mention this unprecedented, sledgehammer blow.

  • HP chief plans better connectivity

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    apotheker-leo-HPNew HP chief plans better connectivity

    Apotheker in contrast with ex-CEO Hurd


    21 Feb 11

    New Hewlett PackardCEO, the ex-SAP Leo Apotheker was interviewed recently by WSJ about the wholesale board changes and his plans after his first 100 days.

  • Portland's Depot contract stinks!

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    Portland’s Depot
    contract stinks!

    Greenest city guilty of misleading officials with potty price claims


    18 Feb 11

    Office Depot whistle-blower David Sherwin calls for investigation:  Did the City of Portland purchasing director mislead the city council concerning the office supply contract?

  • TCPN- Office Depot corruption

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    TCPN: The Corrupt
    Purchasing Network

    Whistleblower's account of Depot’s deceit


    By David Sherwin

    15 Feb 11

    Here is the unique insight into the deceptive depths that Office Depothave gone in order to win contract business through bid rigging and unethical practices.

  • Office Depot flaunts Florida contract

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    ODgate Scandal- Breaking News

    Depot flaunts
    Florida contract

    Is there no end to its tyranny?


    14 Feb’11

    News just in that Office Depot continues to violate state contracts.

  • Best Buy bungles UK launch

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    best-buy-thurrockB e s t  B u y
    bungles launch

    Top UK managers in shock exit

    14 Feb11

    US consumer electronics #1 Best Buyadmits that it has failed to make the desired impact in the UK after denials to the contrary in December.

  • Office Depot's dirty attack on ISG

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    Depot’s dirty
    attack on ISG

    Waging war on whistleblower too: instigating smears and intimidation


    13 Feb 11

    Office Depot using typical tactics has initiated a vicious email campaign against whistle-blower David Sherwinand attacked the credibility of Independent Stationers (ISG)

  • Problems with Internet Explorer

    Problems when using

    Internet Explorer

    There seems to have been some major issues with Internet Explorer 8.

  • Proficiency Profile - Westcoast's Alex Tatham

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    hemani-joe-westcoastProficiency Profile

    is  c l e a r

    UK technology wholesaler

    in rich seam of growth


    5 Feb 11

    Tech wholesalers are on a tear as businesses refresh workers with the latest productivity tools. None more so than UK leader, Westcoast,based in Reading. We spoke with sales and marketing chief, Alex Tatham. My apologies for the delay, but this was really worth waiting for...

  • Office Megatrends 2011 - Market Review 2010

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    Office Megatrends 2011 -
    Market Review 2010

    Power shifts positively...

    from the large, limp and lifeless, to the low-cost locals


    5 Feb'11(Updated)

    The decade of developing personalised productivity services is well underway. Independent resellers in partnership with leading wholesalers have had a winning year with 2011 expected to show more positive growth.


    2010 was a strong year of recovery spearheaded by a widespread ‘technology refresh’ investment by US and UK business. We expect 2011 to be even better... positive... 

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