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  • MWV financial review Q4'10

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    office sales slower

    Envelope making business sold off


    27 Jan 11

    MeadWestVaco the leading US packaging and stationery maker announced solid financial results for Q4'10 ended 31 Dec 10.

  • Electric Staples delivery

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    staples-ecotruckElectric Staples!

    Gas-free urban deliveries


    24 Jan 11

    Even as carmakers seek to convince buyers of the virtues of electric vehicles, one key group needs little persuasion: delivery fleet managers.

  • TCPN:The Corrupt Purchasing Network

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    TCPN: The Corrupt Purchasing Network

    Depot’s partner in crime exposed


    24 Jan 11
    Whistleblower David Sherwinhas called for State of Texas to immediately investigate allegations of bid rigging, collusion and fraud between TCPN and Office Depot

  • Dire Depot disguise truth

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    Dire Depot
    disguise truth

    Tells OPI: reports are "false"
    about new SEC investigations


    21 Jan 11 

    The denial comes after a storm of bad press concerning beleaguered Office Depot’snow dishonourable “We Decline to Comment” statement yesterday.

  • Office Depot decline to comment

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    Exclusive Breaking News

    Depot “decline
    to comment”

    Withholding information 

    about new SEC investigations?


    20 Jan ‘11

    Office Depot has refused to answer questions from the press this week concerning rumors of a new SEC investigation and of more federal and state investigations into their pricing on government contracts.

  • Office Depot discount Clearwater demand

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    Depot discount

    Clearwater demand

    ‘Gesture of goodwill’ check masks truth


    14 Jan 11
    St.Petersburg Times
    reports that Clearwater (Florida) has settled with Office Depotafter the city accused the retail giant of overbilling it for office supplies.

  • Depot's TCPN contract fraud

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    Exclusive Breaking News

    Depot’s TCPN
    contract fraud

    Corrupt and unethical: violates trade laws… pays $50,000…rigs bid scores


    11 Jan 11

    You could not make this up! Office Depot’sDeputy Dog Steve Schmidt’s behaviour is more unethical and fraudulent than Steve Odland. The king is dead, wrong live the king!

  • Review of 2010's Best Performances

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    power-performers-1-9*Proficiency Index -Best Awards*

    Review of 2010's
    Best Performances

    Best Leaders  - Best Marketers - 
    Best Products - Best Webstore -
    Best Productivity - Greenest

    10 Jan‘11 (Updated)

    2010 was a year of recovery and discovery; a year of technology refresh and wonderful webstores; and the industry got leaner, cleaner and greener. Here is the Proficiency index review of the best performers

  • Did Office Depot bribe new Florida governor

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    Did Depot bribe new Florida governor?

    Is "pay-to-play" contribution a license to steal from taxpayers?


    9 Jan 11

    Office Depotwhistleblower David Sherwinhas called of new Florida governor Rick Scott to immediately return the $25,000 dirty donation made to his inauguration by Depot president Steve Schmidt

  • Borders on the brink

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    borders-store-closingBorders on brink

    Will Barnes & Noble rescue?



    By Lucy Jermyn,

    4 Jan'11

    Borders Group shares fell 10% after the troubled bookseller said two executives were leaving, the latest bad news for the retailer which is struggling to refinance its debt.

  • Top superdealer league - 2010 v !980-90's

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    superdealers80-90’s and 2010 compared
    Top 30 US/Top 20 UK dealers list

    S u p e r d e a l e r
    superstars s-u-r-g-e

    Leaders; rising stars; dinosaurs; gazelles; 2020 top tips 


    1 Jan 11 (Complete)

    The bigbox share of the US and UK markets tumbled again in 2010. OfficeMax, Office Depot and Staples have now lost an estimated $10Bn in sales over the past 3 years. Progressive independent dealers are gaining market share...

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