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  • Innovative profile: ingenuity works!

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    Sarah_PostIt1_1ingenuity works!

    Fastest growing reseller on
    the planet parties like its 1999


    26 Jun 10
    Yesterday, in a creatively decorated warehouse in Minneapolis, the home city of legendary R&B funk artist,Prince, Innovative Office Solutions,held its 9th birthday party and celebrated its success in doubling sales over the past 2 years...

  • Office Depot cons kids

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    ODgate Scandal - Latest News

    Depot cons kids

    “Amazing” reaction to ripping off

    school children allegations


    24 Jun 10

    Ex Office Depot senior account manager turned whistleblower David Sherwin has received a powerful response to his circular email to state attorney generals and department s of education...

  • Panic attacks desperate Depot

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    ODgate Scandal Breaking News:

    Panic attacks
    desperate Depot

    Siege mentality strikes causing
    a torrent of tailspinning trivia


    22 Jun 10 (1800ET;2300GMT)
    Office Depot, in typical Enronesque style... besieged by a multitude of inquiries over the potential loss of its $600m U.S. Communities public sector business has pressed the panic button. It has posted its response in the FAQ section of its investor relations website....

  • Florida contract flummoxed

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    Florida contract


    Disgraced Depot divides with dealers

    19 Jun 10

    Astoundingly, Office Depot is in line to receive a major share of the State of Florida $42m supply contract, even though it has just settled $4.6M plus $1.3m legal costs for fraudulently overcharging the state....

  • ODgate Scandal - California kick out Depot

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    ODgate Scandal Breaking News

    California to
    kick out Depot

    Independent dealers set
    to gain the major share


    18 Jun 10

    Sources indicate Office Depot,the self destructing office supplies giant, is not in final contention for the California statewide office supply contract, stated whistleblower David Sherwin....

  • Best Buy woos women

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    woman-techBest Buy
    woos women
    Learning from leadership forums

    18 Jun 10
    AsBest Buy faces heightened competition from rivals Wal-Mart Stores and Amazon.com the largest U.S. electronics retailer is confronting a longstanding disadvantage: fewer women shoppers.

  • Ace attorneys to attack Office Depot

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    Ace attorneys
    to attack Depot

    Whistleblower Sherwin turns
    the screw on fraudulent practices


    17 Jun 10 

    A legal dream team has formed around ex- Office Depot sales manager turned whistleblowerDavid Sherwin, putting extra pressure on the beleaguered #2 OP bigbox...

  • Best Buy Q1'10 Financial Review

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    Best-BuyBest Buy blow
    hot...and cold

    Smart phones and tablet PC’s boost second half growth prospects


    15 Jun 10 (1400ET;1900 UK)
    Best Buy,
    the leading consumer electronics retailer, today reported lower than expected earnings growth in its fiscal Q1’10 results ended 29 May’10.


    However, the management is confident and optimistic about the underlying trends...

  • Proficiency Profile - Reporters' BIG story

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    Proficiency Profile


    BIG story

    Montana dealer mounts

    major marketing drive


    13 Jun 10 (Completed)

    Last Thursday we interviewed the outgoing chairman of is.group (isg), the gentle giant Craig Bartholomew,one of the owners of Montana dealer Reporter Big Sky.


    This progressive dealer has grown during tough market conditions and now with Craig’s renewed focus is planning some smart services moves to drive future growth...

  • GoEco - Low carbon dieters or diverters

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    greenwash-bandwagonLow carbon
    dieters or diverters

    Are these companies ethical eco champions or simply greenwashing?

    By Lucy Jermyn, EcoWatch
    9 Jun 10

    Corporate green commitments can be "very murky," says Gwen Ruta,vice-president for corporate partnerships at theEnvironmental Defence Fund. How genuine are the green projects? How is success measured? Or, are the projects simply revenue opportunities...

  • ODgate Scandal: Florida fraud costs Depot $6M

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    ODgate Scandal Breaking News

    Florida fraud
    costs Depot $6m

    Whistleblower Sherwin reports on escalating claims spreading across US

    5 Jun 10
    Office Depot
    continues with its self destructive, dishonest practices as settlements with states climb relentlessly towards $100 million. Instead of coming clean and admitting its control systems were defective, Depot persists with its tail-spinning tales of deceit and denial.


    We report with David Sherwinon the latest Floridasettlement and the escalating cases in Missouriand SanFrancisco which are likely to reach another $5million+ each...

  • ODGate Scandal - Schmidt letter to Press

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    ODgate Scandal
    Breaking News

    Brainwash 4

    Letter to Press another
    desperate Depot denial

     3 Jun 10
    Steve Schmidt, the beleaguered president of Office Depot’s Business Solutions Division (BSD)has once again resorted toEnron-style denials and desperately guilty behaviour, by attempting to undermine whistleblower David Sherwin.

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