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    BREAKTHROUGH promises to provide some great insights from inside and outside the industry which manufacturers, dealers and wholesalers can put in to practice to grow their business. Bookings include speakers' notes, presentations on CD, delegate packs, conference proceedings, lunch and light refreshments.


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  • AOPD to go for US Communities contract

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    AOPD to go for

    US Communities

    Will LA County allow a fair bidding process for ex-Depot $600m contract


    28 Apr 10

    We spoke to Bud Mundt the executive director at AOPD, the contract marketing group today about his plans to bid for the $600m US Communities contract which Office Depot have held unchallenged under controversial circumstances for 15 years…

  • MWV: the smart innovator

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    mwv_notebookMWV: the
    smart innovator

    Stationery maker bucks trend


    28 Apr 10
    the leading US stationery maker, reported a strong recovery in its Q1’10 sales and profits performance. MVW continued to buck the trend through smart innovations in a traditional marketplace....

  • Go Loco. Independent dealers guide to sustainable success

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    local_deliveryGo Loco

    Independent dealers guide to sustainable success

    26 Apr 10 (updated and complete)

    The trend towards old fashioned values, local community, sustainability are becoming a global phenomena. Localisation on a global scale, or Glocalisation’as a number of trendwatchers have called it.
    Probably the greatest market advantage available to bold local service providers for 50 years....


  • Private Label proliferation from OfficeMax

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    Private label


    Are MAX suffering obsessive,

    possessive sub-brand syndrome?


    26 Apr 10

    OfficeMax the declining #3 bigbox OP reseller continued to expand its plethora of private label s with the introduction of a springtime collection of DiVOGA® desk products and accessories....

  • Depot $1m heist in Hillsborough

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    ODgate Scandal - Breaking News!

    Depot's $1m heist

    in Hillsborough

    Attempted audit cover up fails...usual desperate denials and lies from Depot


    25 Apr 10 (Updated for Depot reaction)
    Auditors at Hillsborough County (HC) Florida have released their preliminary report on the fraudulent overcharging allegations against Office Depot. 
    Moreover, they found the Florida DMS were negligent in monitoring the contract pricing and did not protect the taxpayer...
  • Happy Earth Day! Low carbon 2020 offices

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    energy_solarHappy Earth Day!

    Low Carbon
    2020 Offices

    Smart technology…

    Smaller footprint

    By Lucy Jermyn, PP EcoDesk
    Earth Day 22 April 10

    The house of 2020 will likely be smaller, smarter, more urban and efficient.

  • IT supplies market...opportunity or fear?

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    IT supplies

    Opportunity or fear?

    What’s your motivation?

    20 Apr 10

    IT and printer consumables is currently the largest product sales category that most resellers supply. Margins are comparatively thin, causing a reluctance to market the category enthusiastically.


    Now the huge potential to provide contract managed print services (MPS) for offices with 20-1000 workers, promises to make the category a solid and profitable opportunity. But will resellers treat it as a positive opportunity or wait until fear strikes and they lose a major account. It’s double or quits time…here’s why. Full story later today…

  • Go Loco...the independents guide to sustainable success

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    Go Loco

    Independent dealers guide
    to sustainable success


    20 Apr 10

    The trend towards old fashioned values, local community, sustainability are becoming a global phenomena. Localisation on a global scale, or Glocalisation’as a number of trendwatchers have called it.


    We make this case here for NOPA (US)and BOSS (UK) to embrace and promote a system of core values that will favourably differentiate progressive, local office service providers or PROPS (providers of office productivity services) as we prefer to term them. Full story later today…

  • SEC investigates old HP contract

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    SEC investigates

    old HP contract

    Allegations of bribery in Russia


    18 Apr 10

    Hewlett Packard (HP) is cooperating with a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) probe into allegations that the company bribed Russian officials in order to secure a computer contract in 2003.

  • Depot - Max merger? Christmas comes early

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    Depot - Max merger?

    comes early

    Independents call on Obama

    to bring ‘the Holidays’ forward


    Dateline: April 19 2010 (Updated)

    Fantasyland, Orlando, FL

    We were informed yesterday about OPI e-news headline: ‘Depot and Max discussing tie-up?’ Our initial reaction…was this a late April Fools prank? Then we realized it might just be true.


    In order to preserve PP News’ reputation as ‘first for breaking news’ we assigned our intrepid Florida correspondent, Christina Cronkite to an urgent meeting with chiefs Stevo ‘ethics-free’ Odland of Depot and Slam Duncanof Max.

  • HP's new SMB strategy

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    HP’s SMB strategy

    Transforming from transactional
    to relationship marketing models


    16 Apr 10

    I’ve studied the small-business market for over 30 years and seen how major corporations serve, or try to serve, this market. So believe me when I say we're about to enter a golden age of small-business products and services.


    Why? Because small companies, already a huge percentage of the overall economy, will in future be the fastest growing and most robust segment. HP gets this, and how...

  • The new e-cycling opportunity

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    e-cyclingThe e-cycling


    Establishing eSteward

    recycling standards


    16 Apr 10

    More companies and recyclers are taking steps to ensure that old electronic devices such as TVs and computers aren't dumped in poor countries. This is a great opportunity for PROPS (ex-OP dealers, see Editor’s Comment below) to provide a valuable local service to their customers

  • The virtues of virtual companies

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    Home is where
    the ‘smart’ is

    The virtues of virtual companies


    14 Apr 10

    On a chilly Monday morning in early February, 30 reporters, editors, designers, and the crew of Inc. the magazine for growing companies, gathered in a conference room to discuss its next issue. Here follows the case and the plan for the virtual company… a model for the future.

  • 10 Myths about Green

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    global_warming10 Myths
    about Green

    Confusion reigns…what’s
    eco-friendly…what’s not


    14 Apr 10

    Most forward thinking companies are trying to go green. The challenge is to understand what is environmentally sound and what is not. 

  • How to track the competition

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    amazon-drowning300Proficiency Index

    How to track the competition

    6 secrets of market intelligence

    12 Apr 10

    Keeping a close eye on the competition is often thought to be a big boys' game. Many Fortune 500 companies have entire departments devoted to competitive intelligence (Ci). It’s not…here’s how you can improve your market intelligence.

  • The secrets of successful selling

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    are forever

    How to embrace rejection and
    other successful sales secrets


    By Clotaire Rapaille
    13 Apr 10

    Great salespeople are masters of psychology: The best of them can suss out pain points and imminent objections just a few minutes into a call. Their own psyches, however, are more mysterious. Are they motivated by greed, competition or sustainable success?

  • BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference - Preview

    Breakthrough10-sponsor-sqWhat’s your next

    competitive advantage?

    Product price, personal service

    or providing productivity services?

    12 Apr 10

    Office products dealers alert! What plans have you made to succeed in the decade ahead. Those dealers who feel they can compete with the same old, office-products- personal-service model are at serious risk. Come to BREAKTHROUGH and give serious consideration to how you can create a successful future in providing personalised productivity services.

  • 12 Myths of Marketing

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    12 Myths of Marketing

    Some strongly held beliefs eschewed…
    the real truths about sustainable success

    9 Apr 10

    Over the past 30 years that we have studied this fascinating and ever expanding marketplace, we continue to be amazed by the multitude of misunderstandings that abound. Here are just 12 of the more popular myths that we wish to eschew:

  • Ethical BullSchmidt

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    E t h i c a l

    Depot president writes to
    OPI about trust and integrity?


    5 April 10

    You couldn’t make this stuff up! Guilt ridden Office Depotpresident Steve Schmidt has done it again. The desperate decision to try and “put the record straight” via a pathetic YouTube video has been compounded by another ill advised, naïve and corporate-cliché-riddled  letter to OPI’s editor.
  • Marketing to businesswomen - 7 tips for success

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    Marketing to businesswomen

    7 tips for success

    Why are OP resellers bad at marketing to the majority decision makers?

    By Ruth Mortimer

    3 April 10

    I am one and so are around half of the human race. So why are marketers apparently so bad at marketing to the female species? Read  Bob Deutsch of Brain Sells has to sa, plus his 7 tips for success.

    Deutsch's observations are very relevant in the OP marketplace comments the Editor.

  • Beware Big Brother behaviour online

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    2010 Online Advertising Report

    Beware Big Brother behaviour online

    Keeping a safe distance builds trust in a 'technology-enabled' future

    3 Apr 10
    Marketers need to ensure their use of behavioural targeting techniques do not make internet users feel like they are under Big Brother-style scrutiny, according to the results of research by Addvantage Media and YouGov.

  • The case for integrating customer service and marketing

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    Winning over
    hearts and minds

    The case for integrating customer
    service and marketing functions

    31 Mar 10
    Marketing departments are often accused of being too supply side oriented, bombarded as they can be by vendors wanting to buy space in their marketing campaigns.

    Sales people often accuse marketers, merchandisers in effect, of being out-of-touch with the street… out of touch with customers. Will integration help?

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