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  • Staples Advantage: That was sleasy

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    That was sleasy

    Staples Advantage arrogance


    30 Mar 10
    As most readers know, we are huge admirers of Staplesand its super marketing abilities in CRM, the recent TV ads and the ‘Easy’ campaigns.

    We feel the recently launched Staples Advantage ‘superhero’ campaign falls well short of its high standards.

  • Advertising Rates

    Beyond the buyerAdvertising on

    Proficiency Post

    Rates & Guidance Notes

    Online advertising is now the #1 advertising choice in the UK, overtaking TV ads for the first time in Q2'09. Similar positive trends are occurring in the US too. Internationally, online ad spending is expected to reach 40% by 2020

    Proficiency Post (PP) is the #1 read for OP executives and sales people internationally. PP is first for breaking news analysis, greater insights and the industry's champion of best practice marketing. We reach 20,000 readers with the twice weekly PP News.

    Banner ads are available on proficiencypost.com
    in various sizes and positions.

    Ads can be purchased to run for a set period or set number of impressions and clicks. Ads are either set to display on every page or in a random sequence with other ads. We can also set you ad to display against particular sections on the site. Please contact us if you would require you ad to only display in particular sections of the site.

    We currently offer 2 advertising positions on the site.

    Side Banners

    Side banners are currently displayed stacked on the right hand side of the website. These banners can be of various heights with a standard 160px width. The first top right position holds the must value, being always visible on every page. Other side ads are then stacked down the side of the site and are visible as the reader scrolls down the page.

    A selection of side banner ad size are diaplyed below.

    Full Side banner 2015 sizes


    Half Side banner 2015 sizes


    quarter Side banner 2015 sizes


    3rd Side banner 2015 sizes

    File Formats

    Adverts can be displayed in either .jpg, .gif or .png formats. These can either be animated of static ads.

    We will be happy to help you create an ad for use on the site. Please contact David Wickstead on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Ad Rates

    Ad Position Size 1 month 3 months
    Full Side ad Top position 200 x 600 £400 £800
    Half Side ad Top position 200 x 300 £300 £600
    Third Side ad Top position 200 x 200 £250 £500
    Quarter Side ad Top position 200 x 150 £200 £400
    Full Side ad stacked position 200 x 600 £300 £600
    Half Side ad stacked position 200 x 300 £200 £400
    Third Side ad stacked position 200 x 200 £150 £300
    Quarter Side ad stacked position 200 x 150 £100 £200


    All ads are guaranteed a minimum of 10000 impressions per month.

    All ad artwork must be appoved and agreed suitable by before hand. We reserve the right to cancel any ad at any time.

    Please call Peter Frost +1 875 208 3100 (US) or +44 7470 239247 (UK). Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Whitewash in Washington - Depot at it again?

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    Whitewash in

    Have officials checked Depot’s pricing performance in California?


    28 Mar 10
    Office Depotconfirmed last week that the State of Washingtonhas extended its office supplies contract with the company. Given Depot’s history of fraudulent systematic overcharging in at least ten other states what due diligence took place?

  • The uncanny parallels in car and office marketing

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    Chrysler v BMW Case Study

    The Joy of experience

    The uncanny parallels in car and office marketing


    27 Mar 10
    We criticised thelatest sexy Chryslercar ads on 10 March. We now highlight the latest BMW ad campaign as a model in how to appeal to the majority decision maker… women. A similar approach would be highly effective in office marketing campaigns.

  • United extends sustainability offer

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    United extends
    sustainability offers

    More personality… magalog style


    26 Mar 10

    United Stationers has renewed its commitment to bring sustainable solutions to the marketplace with the release of its new 2010 Green Catalog.


    We have reviewed at least 50 different ‘green’ catalogs over the past 5 years and this is up there with the best in terms of design and user friendliness

  • Best Buy Q4'10 Financial Review

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    Best Buy’s big


    Sales surge in notebooks.
    TV’s and home office supply

    25 Mar 10

    Best Buy, the world’s #1 consumer electronics retailer announced impressive gains in same store sales and operating profits for Q4’10. The connected world strategy is go…go…go!


  • EconomyWatch: Unemployment unplugged

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    Unemployment Unplugged

    Are jobless statistics missing
    burgeoning start-ups?

    23 Mar 10
    Getting the US and UK’s unemployed back to work will take some time, but business investment is picking up strongly and it won’t be long before recruitment starts. Meanwhile, we believe there is a surge in SOHO start-ups, just as happened in 2001. But where are SOHO’s going for office equipment and supplies? In 2001, it was Staples, this time there is growing evidence that massmarketers like Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, Amazon and Tesco are taking an increasing share.


  • PROPS: The personalised productivity services future

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    Goodbye OP dealer tag. Hello to the 

    Personalised productivity
    services future

    Progressive resellers invest 
    in the new PROPS model

    21 Mar 10

    Many dealers copy the bigboxes and compete by expanding sales geographically and trying to increase buying power. This is a “product based” strategy which will end in tears. Read here about the future winners, the new ‘providers of productivity services’ (PROPS).


  • Proficiency Profile - Source Office Products, Denver, CO

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    The One Source services street

    Will Managed Print contracts dominate the IT supplies market?


    19 Mar 10

    We’ve profiled some really progressive dealers in the past few months and we continue in 2010 with another example of a productivity services provider with a clear customer driven focus and a relentless measurement ethic.

  • Wholesaler Warfare - US Northeast marketplace

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    Wholesaler Warfare:

    Exclusive Latest News

    ExSPRess attack

    northeast market

    Review and update of SPRichards’ backed offensives... 6 months on


    19 Mar 10 (Completed 1800 ET; 2300 UK time)

    Six months ago (16 Oct 2009) we broke the news exclusively aboutUS #2 OP wholesaler SPRichards backed triple attack on the huge northeast US marketplace dominated by United Stationers backed dealers.


    We have reviewed the latest position and bring you our take on the latest SP fuelled moves re TriMega; Ex-Alliedchief Howard Brown;and the rise of certain northeast office dealers.

  • Sorry is the hardest word - CEO denials

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    Sorry is the 
    hardest word

    Why can’t errant OP CEO’s just say we screwed up and vow to clean house?

    20 Mar 10
    We just read a great article in Fortunemagazine by Becky Quick the CNBC co-anchor of Squawk Box about  two recent cases where major companies’ e.g. Toyota,have chosen to deny rather than admit mistakes with potentially tragic consequences.

  • BREAKTHROUGH'10 Marketing Conference



    Marketing Conference

    Your new decade agenda:

    Provide personalised

    productivity services!

    Wednesday 21 April 2010 at Kempton Park

    Conference Centre, Sunbury on Thames, UK

    18 March ‘10

    What a terrific line up we’ve assembled for the 5th Annual BREAKTHROUGH Marketing Conference to be held on Wednesday 21 April 2010. After 3 years in the Midlands we’ve moved the venue closer to London and Heathrow Airport.

  • How the mighty fall - Depot's death wish

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    How the mighty fall

    Depot’s death wish; Max’s minimisation

    How far have these bigbox players moved down the 5 stages of decline?

    15 Mar 10

    Last May Jim Collins, the acclaimed author of best sellers Built to LastandGood to great published a new book entitled How the mighty fall…the 5 stages of decline. We were reminded of a number of companies in our industry who were experiencing similar stages of decline, notably Office Depotand OfficeMax and 7 June 2009 we published our review.


    9 months later  we review Collins’ 5 stage thinking, against the current performances of Depot and Max and comment as follows:

  • OfficeMax 2010 Investor Day Report

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    OfficeMax Investor Day Report

    Sam old, Sam old, Duncan delusion

    New mantra: ‘An office effectiveness and efficiency solutions company’. What?

    12 Mar 10 (Completed 2000 ET)

    Corporate cliches eat your heart out! The OfficeMaxinvestors webcast last week was riddled with strategic BS: specifics-free and full of ‘differentiated’ delusion.


    OfficeMax is a decade behind Staplesand maybe years behind Office Depot. The webcast started with a video entitled ‘work with us’…the new slogan. “Your ideas… your energy… your dreams… OfficeMax is here to help you realise those dreams…2010 is going to be the best year ever” continued the sugary female voice over, Dream on….

  • How to keep loyal customers satisfied

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    How to keep loyal customers satisfied

    Communicate real value convincingly and consistently to customers


    8 Mar 10

    Customer loyalty, multiple sales channels and social media are just three challenges facing the retail sector. We pick up on a recent Marketing Week article and explore how advice from marketing experts may apply in the OP marketplace. 

  • OPI in Clover

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    OPI in Clover

    with Depot

    What’s next? Will magazine change its name to ODI?


    2 Mar 10

    Yesterday we read the OPI News report of Clover Technology’s reaction to Nukote’s claim for damages relating to the Office Depotink and toner contract it held for 20 years.


    Is this another example of OPI’s unbalanced reporting in favour of Depot with not a word sought from the plaintiff? We contacted Nukote to get their reaction.

  • Outrage at OPI's Depot deference

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    Outrage at OPI’s
    Depot deference

    Why is OPI blind to Depot’s frequent fraud and unethical incompetency?

    1 March 10

    OPI was once the industry’s leading international magazine, deserving of its  self proclaimed ‘definitive guide’reputation.  Of course, there were always suspicions from independent dealers that it was not only biased in favour of manufacturers who advertised, but also favoured bigbox players who used their publishing services.

    That ‘unbalanced’ suspicion has escalated over the past year givenOPI’s double-feature of CEOSteve Odland and one sided non-coverage of Office Depot’s serial and systematic overcharging of its largest customers.

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