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  • Dealer Group Marketability Survey 2010

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    Buying groups
    belong to a
    bygone era!

    If marketing to users is #1 priority,
    what tools do dealer groups provide?


    27 Oct 10 (Updated)

    First of all we apologise for the protracted delay in publishing the Proficiency Index Annual Review of OP Dealer Groups. Unfortunately, some groups have declined to participate. As the priority has shifted away from buying at lower prices, towards marketing at lower costs, are they afraid to expose their shortcomings? We focus on 10 key marketability services that groups can offer members and have rated all groups in the US and UK, regardless of their wish to be involved.

  • Guilt grabs green gains

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    Green_TeamGuilt grabs
    green gains

    Peer pressure pulls the crowd

    in subtle social standards shift


    22 Oct 10
    A real-life experiment in engineering green behavior unfolded recently in the US capital. Wall Street Journalreporter Stephanie Simon discusses here the true motivation in getting more consumers to go Green. Analysts discuss the value of efforts to promote more environmentally friendly habits among people

  • Newsweek 100 Greenest Companies

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    dell_michael_small100 Greenest Public Companies

    Newsweek top
    rates OP leaders

    Dell#1 and HP#2 with Office
    Depot and Staples in top 30


    21 Oct 10
    Last Monday, Newsweek magazine published its list of the greenest publicly traded companies. The goal was to quantify companies’ actual environmental footprint, policies, and reputation.  It was terrific to read about OP and technology players success in the knowledge that many UK and US independent resellers (listed below), could not be included, but would have scored highly…

  • Office Depot's illegal disclosure deeds

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    Depot’s illegal
    disclosure deeds

    SEC slap Odland’s wrists for serious leaks and overstating vendor rebates


    21 Oct 10
    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    today announced enforcement actions against Office Depot, CEO Steve Odland and ex-CFO for violating disclosure regulations by informing investment analysts that the company would not meet analysts' earnings estimates facilitating a share price fall and thus a buying opportunity for insiders…

  • Staples soulman steps up specialist services

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    Sargent-soulman-SQExclusive Interview

    Sargent steps up 
    specialist services

    Staples Soulman shares strategies: store brands, sustainability, competition, CXP integration and executive experience


    21 Oct 10 (Completed 1430ET; 1930GMT))
    Last Friday, we met with CEO Ron Sargent, now in his 21st year of service at Staplesand 28 months on from the last interview, the day after the acquisition of Corporate Express.


    We discussed latest market developments… 

  • Staples starts sustainability race

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    staples_ecotruckStaples starts
    sustainability race

    Suppliers set a cost and carbon cutting challenge


    17 Oct 10
    Staples the global #1 office products reseller, announced last week its new corporate strategy to drive sustainability innovation in product manufacturing, packaging and distribution by challenging its key suppliers to join it in a "Race to the Top."

  • Office Depot fix Arkansas

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    Depot fix Arkansas

    Outrage at renewed contract award. Are they living under a stone?


    15 Oct 10
    In spite of overwhelming evidence that office supply bids are routinely rigged, and manipulated by Office Depot to give them an unfair advantage, the taxpayers of the State of Arkansas appear to be poised to become the latest victims in a long line of pillaged State coffers.

  • Iron Mountain bridge the gap

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    iron_mountainIron Mountain
    bridge the gap

    From physical to digital information and document services provider


    11 Oct 10
    Bob Brennan
    CEO of the #1 information management services provider Iron Mountain (IRM) gave a powerful address at its Annual Investor Day in NY  last week. We bring you the fascinating highlights from a 3 hour presentation.

  • Exclusive: Depot buy-off National IPA contract

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    Exclusive insights

    Depot buy-off
    NIPA contract?

    Staples decide to stick with NJPA to pursue government contracts


    7 Oct 10
    There appears to be no limit to the depths that Office Depot will sink in order to get in the back door atUS Communities. We reveal how Depot will oust Staples as the $50m National IPAcontract holder…

  • Proficiency Index - Webstore Survey #5

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    weblockWebstore Survey #5

    Unlock your
    p o t e n t i a l !

    UK webstores probably 2 years
    behind best US user experience


    5 Oct 10
    We apologise for the delay in reporting Round 5 of the Proficiency Index Webstore Review.We have completed over 50 reviews and this time wanted to highlight best practice in the UK. There are still too many top resellers with password protection restricting open user access inside their customers.


    Report will be completed later today including comparison with a new US rising star

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