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  • OPI's Review of US OP market 2009

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    OPI’s US Office Products Industry
    Review 2009 – A critique



    2009 was hardly a seismic year…

    more about negative behaviour than positive market progress


    19 Jan 10

    We applaudOPI’s decision to conduct its first Annual Review 2009 of the US OP industry. We were disappointed that the focus was almost totally on bigbox players, wholesalers and dealer groups. There was scant mention of the progressive independent dealers who gained market share in 2009. We discuss the key issues.

  • Bigbox Stockwatch - Office Depot and OfficeMax failures

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    Bigbox Stockwatch

    Depot and Max retailer failures


    Wall Street analysts misread the real market messages


    17 Jan 10

    Sales at bigbox retailers, both  inside and outside the OP market, bottomed out and share prices recovered strongly in 2009. Even poor performersOffice Depot andOfficeMaxshares came back from the brink.

    We were amazed however to read the superficial analysis and conclusions reached byGoldman Sachs andCitigroup in the recentOPI report.

  • Proficiency Index - Review of 2009 Best Performers - Part 1

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    Best-proformers-09*Proficiency Index *Best Awards 2009 *

    Review of 2009 Pt.1 The Best Perfomers

    Best Leaders - Best Companies - Best Products - Best Webstore - Best Promos - Best Productivity - Best Ads

    1 Jan ‘10 (Updated 2300UK; 1800 ET)

    2009 was a grind…a reality check…a tough time. When the going got tough, the tough got going. The best shone through the gloom and inspired

    Progressive dealers recognise that when times get tight, it's time to fight with the productivity play and reinforce the single source proposition. Certainly, a great platform was created in 2007 which has been maintained throughout 2009.


    It's time for reflection on the key marketing people, companies, products, promotions, ads and marketing developments of the year.

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