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  • What do women want in business?

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    lucy-montage2009 Office Buyer Survey Results

    What do women want in business?

    How have frugal times affected females? Do catalogues reach the right decision makers?

    13 Aug 09 (Updated 1500 UK time; 1000ET)

    Our latest 2009 Proficiency Index survey of UK women office buyers, primarily user choosers with executive power and influence, is more comprehensive than previous edtions. It provides tremendous insight into latest trends and how business has adapted to tough economic times.

  • Disconnected… dealer priorities and user wants

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    Lucy-Dealer-splitProficiency Index US/UK dealer and user study

    Disconnected… dealer priorities and user wants

    Mind the gap!.................... Match the market needs.

    13 Aug 09 (Completed 1300 UK time; 0800 ET)
    We have just completed the annual Proficiency Index survey of ‘What do women want in business’ (9 Aug‘09). During the course of the survey our research team thought it would interesting to discuss dealers current top priorities and see how they matched up with businesswomen’s main concerns.

    We also asked them what was important to them; their favourite stores and their awareness of local suppliers. We publish the fascinating results here.
  • Recession-hit resellers target women

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    Recession - hit resellers target women

    Mind you, many campaigns are clumsy, inappropriate and disrespectful…too pink!

    By Marti Barletta, Trendsight Research (Author of Marketing to Women)
    12 Aug 09

    NEVER mind the fight to get people to open their wallets in the recession—some companies are taking a different tack, and trying to get customers to open their purses instead.


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