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  • haworth steve evo19H o w  N o w
    D o w n  V O W?

    EVO fails to expand range
    to serve Biz Supplies mkt

    VOW, the leading UK OP wholesaler, part of the EVO Group, continued its 10yr long decline in 2021 in spite of acquisitions, the collapse of rival Spicers; and ignorantly missed, broadline business supply expansion opportunities. Moreover, losses continued. What happened to VC owner Endless' much lauded investment in growth initiatives? 

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  • Hygienic Office 21Healthy Hygiene
    mkt momentum?

    Who's winning mkt share?
    12%+ avge price inflation

    Hygiene is now #1 business supply category alongside technology. Progressive business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers have pivoted into hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech & wellness services. Proficiency Index Q3'22 analysis is nearing completion with brands' volumes slowing, boosted by double digit price hikes. Complete

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  • Productivity stairway to heaven2Can dealers pass
    productivity test?

    From OP to personal svcs
    in hygiene, FS, pkg supply?

    We've written exhaustively about the need for OP dealers to convert from 'transactional' product suppliers to 'personalised productivity services' providers inc. hygiene, foodservice & packaging. Amazon is winning the transactional battle with same day delivery of broadline business supplies to WFH users. Can dealers pass the 3pt conversion test? We discuss and highlight the best practice services providers? Complete 

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  • industrial supplies invasionIndustrial supply
    market resurgent!

    Edu, H/Care, Infrastructure
    investments boost growth

    Q3'22 financial reports for leading industrial supply distributors are nearing completion e.g. Fastenal, Motion, MSC, Grainger, Wesco, Arrow, Berry, DXP show double-digit sales growth boosted by price hikes; and higher profits. Proficiency Index reviews the performance of the Top 20 US distributors in 2022 with insightful analysis and discussion with leaders, progress and plans for 2023. Updated

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  • OPeless Island'OPeless, OPaque
    reports hide dive

    Top10 leaders' misleading
    market over terminal trend

    Proficiency Index
     is reaching the conclusion of Q3'22 reports analysis. It has become obvious that many OP market CEO's, who have failed to reinvent their companies, are in denial; and desperately trying to mislead the market over their incompetence. We highlight the Top 10 losers and contrast with Top 10 winners... 

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neri antonio HPE gripHPE  H o l l o w

Progress Ebbing?

Complacent ceo clutching
straws over inflated results

Tech relic HP Enterprise ceo Antonio Neri continued to hype progress & divert attention from disappointing results in its Q4'22 report. What's happening to drive market share growth? Perhaps, the embryonic Aruba SaaS cloud or Greenlake platform  can be the growth catalyst?

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Screen Shot 2022 11 29 at 2.00.34 PMOfficeCoffeeSvcs
specialists suffer

Can breakroom, water
suppliers to biz survive?

The Covid pandemic was disastrous for the breakroom, coffee and water service specialist channel to businesses. Sales declined -75%, but as employees return slowly to the office, the data for 2021 showed an upward trend to almost half 2019 'normal' levels, in 2022. 

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superdealers 2010Top 2010 Resellers

Wher're they now?

Bigboxes, Wh/salers, VCs,
Indie dealers & groups

Bigbox market shares were declining back in 2010. Staples, Depot-Max suffered as Amazon surged & progressive dealers gained. What has happened since? We chart the performance of Top 30 resellers in US & UK and identify the leaders in the new broadline business supply market in 2022... Updated, more to follow

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Vulture cap crash 2022How Mighty have

fallen since 2010

The tailspinning tale of

bigbox & vulture crash

Before 1986 the OP market was largely privately owned. The emergence of Staples set off a wave of publicly owned bigboxes that consolidated a fragmented industry. The rapid entry of broadline business supplier Amazon in 2006, sparked vulture caps' interest in asset stripping larger players, as the paper related market declined. We analyse what's happened since and highlight the strategic, thriving survivors. Updated

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Screen Shot 2022 11 28 at 4.43.45 PMCyberMon spend
matches inflation

AMZN & giant retailers see
return to pre Covid norms 

Spending on Cyber Monday, the biggest U.S. online shopping day, is expected to hit a record $11.6Bn, according to Adobe Analytics as discounts on everything from watches, IT gear, AirPods, sports kit drove shoppers to buy even with double digit inflationary price rises

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MPS thornBrother in denial as
MPS demand sinks

Launches pro laser printer
to close mkt leaders gap

is claiming "to capitalize on the rise in MPS demand" with the launch of a new "professional colour laser printer range". It points to dodgy IDC research that chose to ignore 20%+ price inflation; and a recovery from a decimated MPS market during Covid. Why is it deluding itself?

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Screen Shot 2022 11 28 at 1.58.16 PMHypocritical HP-
Sylvamo claims

CO2 neutral paper launch
ignores toxic transporting

has launched a certified climate neutral paper, HP Earth First, with 100% recyclable paper wrapping. According to papermaker it offers “quality, reliability and value for printing”. But, it chooses to ignore the toxic transportation processes: usage, recycling or disposal by consumers

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owen andi HM thinkingMillerKnoll marred 
by WFH uncertainty

Corp office presence <50%
Hybrid work a new norm?

It's been accepted that work-from-home (WFH) activity reduced office occupancy and therefore suppliers' sales. But, Seeking Alpha 
analysts were surprised it was specifically referenced by ceo Andi Owen as one of the reasons orders remain weak, during furnituremaker MillerKnoll's latest earnings report. What plans do they have to adapt?

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Screen Shot 2022 11 27 at 1.08.32 PM'Shrinkf l a t i o n'
deceit exposed

Brandmakers downsize
quantity & inflate prices

Meet the man on a mission to expose sneaky price increases. Edgar Dworsky (pic) has become the go-to expert on 'shrinkflation' where products or packaging are manipulated so consumers get less for their money. NYTimes writer Clare Toeniskoetter went to many pharmacies and supermarkets near Boston (US) to examine product examples 

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Screen Shot 2022 11 26 at 1.55.29 PMShopify sales break
Black Friday record

Global revs exceed +15%
inflationary price increases

the international specialist MCommerce platform for business supply entrepreneurs grew high double digits on Black Friday from NZ to California. Expect "Small Business Saturday' to boost revenues even further through Cyber Monday. Can ceo Tobi Lutke match relentless Amazon's delivery execution with the Deliverr partnership? 

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