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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 05 at 1.46.38 PMDepot's divide
    & distract deal

    Smudger Smith's schtick:
    'Fiddle while Boca burns'

    Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (ex-Depot-Max) ceo Gerry 'Smudger' Smith, continues to 'shift deckchairs on a sinking ship' with moves aimed to distract from resurrecting a business that has now lost a $1Bn in sales in each year of his 4 year tenure. Now he plans to split Depot in two....??

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 02 at 7.24.23 PMRedefining hybrid
    office workspace

    Google redesigns campus
    for flexibility & Team Pods

    Google has a plan for the future of work including privacy robots and balloon walls. The company that helped popularize open office plans is trying to reinvent workspaces to cope with workplace sensibilities changed by Covid...

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  • Screen Shot 2021 05 02 at 4.13.22 PMWill FTC move to
    defy dark patterns?

    Manipulation machines at
    Amazon trick consumers

    Enforcement against 'dark patterns' has been non-existent by Federal Trade Commission under its rules prohibiting “unfair or deceptive acts.” But  unfair and deceptive acts are hard to identify, precisely as practitioners' intended. When will authorities introduce rules to address these egregious tricks and curtail bad practices?

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  • Screen Shot 2021 04 29 at 11.59.18 AMShopify spurs

    How MCommerce platform
    helps dealers beat Amazon

    the specialist MCommerce platform for business supply dealers & entrepreneurs grew 110% in Q1'21 with 1M+ independent partners. It has reinforced marketing prowess with distribution services. Here are case studies on how it enables brand makers & resellers to compete with Amazon 

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  • Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 1.13.46 AMHow to design
    the hybrid office

    Balancing WFH flexibility
    w/central base practice

    Many companies see the appeal of combining office life with work-from-home (WFH) flexibility. How to strike the right balance can be less clear. Academics from MIT Sloan School of Management and Stanford University provide their views on how to best facilitate hybrid working...

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harris Joanne StaplesStaples senior
execs reshuffle

CCO & CTO depart as
SBAdvantage struggles

Staples Business Advantage's 
corporate supply division has suffered from the Covid induced lockdown this last 15 months, just like main competitors. Now we understand that Chief Commercial Officer Joanne Harris has departed along with some other senior executives....

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Pinnacle montageNew larger dealer
group's Depot bid?

Pinnacle members working
w/wholesaler to fund deal?

No smoke with out fire? PP Sources inform that a group of larger US OP dealers (up to 20) have considered acquisition of the beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp's (Depot BS division) $4.5Bn in sales, delivery business. We await details of backers' names in terms of funding and wholesaler support, if indeed it proceeds?

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commodity cliffPrint/papermakers
plunge prolongs

#OPocalypse: Diminished

Most leading OP, Paper & Printermakers have now reported Q1'21 results. Printer paper is down 70%+ since 2008; another -15%+ in Q1. The shift to hygiene & packaging products is huge. We analyse results to date inc. Veritiv, Domtar, Sappi & Cascade. Mondi, Ricoh & Brother; & Konica 14May; Navigator 28May. Updated daily 

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Screen Shot 2021 04 30 at 1.36.51 PMHealthy Hygiene
market momentum

Covid mitigation challenge
Q1'21 sales results analysis

The #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless future is happening bigtime! Now its #1 business supply category alongside technology. Business suppliers: brandmakers, dealers & MSP's have pivoted to sell customers PPE, hygiene supplies, WFH tech and wellness services.. We analyse Q1'21 results to date (almost complete) inc. Domtar, Sappi, Resolute, Veritiv & Cascades Updated daily

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yamashita Yosh ricohRicoh reacts to
printer plunge

MPS plunge from Covid
induced WFH teleworking

Leading printer brand maker Ricoh is planning its future under the 'Resurgent' tag. Given sliding demand in its core printer sales, can it truly transform itself into a 3D printing, MPS & workspace design powerhouse? Slow progress so far...

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koike tosh brother lrBrother bounces
back in WFH print

Personal & Home sewing
machine sales stronger

Brother International
 the $6Bn document services & printermaker, reported a commendable recovery in Q4'21 primarily in the Europe & Asia markets as the Covid crisis eased; and WFH activities spurred growth e.g. sewing machines and color printing

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williams john dumtar binDomtar doomed &
in denial. For Sale  

Converts to packaging ex-
paper. AsiaP&P interested?

Leading US papermaker Domtar Corporation recovered somewhat from steep declines in Q1'2. Complacent ceo John Williams is closing capacity and repurposing mills for packaging. The Personal Care division has been sold, now a major Canadian rival papermaker owned by Asia Pulp & Paper is interested in a takeover?

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shah niraj wayfair logpgWayfair's wonder
WFHome wave 

Delivery & management
issues shifted sideways

 the $14Bn in sales US/UK home & office furnishings etailer, continued to report blockbuster sales growth in Q1'21. The Covid induced WFH lockdown has proved a wonderful sales boost to business customers updating home working facilities

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meaney bill irm handsIron Mountain:
peaked & flat?

Bare bones reporting
disguise slow progress

Iron Mountain 
ex-global leader in document services reported flat Q1'21results. CEO Bill Meaney's opaque and minimalistic reporting seems geared to disguise its mediocrity with reactionary late moves into digital & cloud storage.

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lamneck ken insight suitInsight losing 
market share?

Flat sales in US, saved
by strong APAC/Europe

Insight Group CEO Ken Lamneck
continued to report declining organic sales in Q1'21. The group lags leading IT resellers e.g. CDW, Compucenter, Softcat & Synnex. Can it really become a serious competitor whilst it focuses on integration?

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