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  • Inflation bubble manThe Proficiency

    I n f l a t i o n Index

    +20% average price hikes
    boost profits by +40-50%!

    The Q2'22 reporting season is reaching a conclusion. Proficiency Index has analysed results to date and separated out the price inflation element from real volume performance. For example, Stora, Grainger, Navigator, IP, UPS, & Veritiv, all reported inflated profits fueled by high price hikes; a total of 80+ companies analysed to date...Updated

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  • Hygiene clean office 21Healthy Hygiene
    market momentum

    How've leaders fared post
    Covid peak? Q2'22 analysis

    The #Paperless #Officeless #Touchless future is happening bigtime! Now hygiene is the #1 business supply category alongside tech. Progressive business suppliers: brand makers, dealers & MSP's have pivoted to sell customers hygiene, safety, foodservice & packaging, WFH-tech and wellness services.. We analyse Q2'22 reports, inc. this week Veritiv, KP Tissue & Suzano

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  • Economy normalising 22Normal economic
    times imminent?

    Jobs and demand strong
    Inflation falls. Recession?

    "How this economic moment rewrites the rules. Jobs aplenty. Sizzling demand. If US headed for recession, it's taking an unusual route, with many markers of a boom" writes NY Times Ben Casselman. We discuss the article as it affects the business supply market...

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  • smith gerry depot deckchair shifter 21Depot's deceitful

    ODP 'Bizarro' Smith's pure
    BS disguises price inflation

    Beleaguered bigbox ODP Corp (aka-Office Depot-OfficeMax) reported another double-digit organic decline in Q2'22; -22% down on pre Covid 'norm' Q2'19; and down $5Bn since 2017. We analyse ceo Gerry 'Bizarro' Smith's deceptive report; the hollow and vague Varis&Veyer diversions plus his verbose BS commentary and Q&A session attended by the same one analyst again!

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  • Screen Shot 2022 07 31 at 1.12.59 PMIf Economy shaky,

    why profits strong?

    Inflation hurts consumers
    but hikes business margins

    Consumers are gloomy, but mostly working; the economy is slowing down to 2019 norms; the Fed wants it to keep slowing; and the recession obsessed Wall Street analysts are convinced the end is nigh. Meanwhile, strong profits are being reported in Q2'22 by Corporate America inc. business supply leaders, with optimistic outlooks for FY'22

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helford irwin viking catH'ven awaits Viking
legend H e l f o r d

Top 10 OP mkt leader dies.
"It's how u make pple feel"

Sad news! OP industry legend Irwin Helford, famous for building Viking as an international mail order powerhouse, has died. Irwin, 88 yrs old, retired after he sold the business to Office Depot in 1998. He will long live in our hearts as one of the global market's true greats. Tributes from industry leaders here...Updated

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Screen Shot 2021 07 22 at 3.50.33 PMTop 12 Business
Suppliers 2022

MDM review of Industrial,
Electronics, Hygiene mkts

Modern Distribution Mgmt (MDM) has published its latest annual review of Top Distributors. We list the leaders in MRO/industrial supplies, electronics, jansan and broadline business supplies. The OP bigboxes have slipped down the league as the disruptors take over leadership positions. We comment on the analysis...

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Screen Shot 2022 06 28 at 1.13.59 PMHybrid working
into  i n f i n i t y

How'll business suppliers
adapt to WFH service?

In June 2022 Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) launched The AWA Hybrid Working Index to track the development of new working strategies and office attendance over time, across the world. We analyze the report and comment...

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vistar truck road thumb medium300 0PFG-Vistar: food

service normalizes

Price hikes + Core-Mark
acq'n offset flat volume

Performance Food Group
inc Vistar, the leading US food & beverage services wholesaler reported a huge organic sales increase in Q4'22 as businesses & restaurants returned towards 'normal'. The major acquisition of fresh food broadline leader boosted sales in addition to double digit price hikes 

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Cornell Brian Target 21Target's high ticket
ride slows to walk 

'Essentials' ordered online,
delivered same-day surge

$100Bn+ in sales, Target reported steady Q2'22 results from continuing buoyant 'essentials' demand, but was hit with serious mis-matched inventory issues. CEO Brian Cornell described the key positive, as strong online ordering in food, bevs & WFH categories from its personalised Shipt same-day delivery.

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lienard greg lyreco 22Lyreco lights
upon Denmark

"Sustainable delivery that

every workplace needs"

Global #5 office supplier Lyreco has announced its intention to acquire the leading dealer in Denmark. "It will expand the range of solutions... to deliver a better customer experience" said CEO Greg Lienard, who we speak with Tomorrow

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Screen Shot 2022 08 16 at 10.12.36 PMFast, Freight-Free
Delivery from WB!

Personalized Packaging
Service via Mason trucks

US#1 business supplies megadealer WBMason has progressively driven a 'One Source'  agenda over the past 15 years by expanding into hygiene, foodservice & packaging. Earlier this year it launched a comprehensive 'Shipping & Packaging Supplies' catalog. We talked to ceo Leo Meehan about progress and plans...Tomorrow

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Screen Shot 2022 08 16 at 2.52.49 PM3M faces $100Bn
Vet earplug loss!

Claimants call for halt to
divis/buybacks until settled

3M faces more than $100Bn in losses because of lawsuits brought by veterans who blame hearing problems on faulty earplugs, says litigation consultant hired by lawyers suing the industrial conglomerate. "Flawed speculation" reacted the 3M spokesman

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Screen Shot 2020 04 01 at 4.01.30 PMULine freight
charges fraud?

Expensive shipping cost
scams in cahoots w/UPS?

the giant $8.8Bn packaging supplier has doubled revenues and profits over the past 4yrs. Closer analysis finds that its shipping charges add an average of +25% to customer prices in cooperation with delivery partner UPS. We discussed trading practices with defecting customers, rivals and compare with Amazon 

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McMillon Doug Walmart 22Walmart weaker
despite price hikes

Ecom down to 11%/sales.
Sam's Club brighter results

Former #1 global retailer Walmart reported slower growth in Q2'23. It continued to ape Amazon's initiatives in vain, but did benefit from higher ticket prices, CEO Doug McMillon's market share comments appear complacent given its weaker ecommerce activity. 

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