Thursday, October 02, 2014
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ma-pony-tencent-penguinTitan Tencent tag
Amzn & Facebook

Tech war raging in China... a 
winner seems set to emerge.


26 Apr’14
Amazon dominates ecommerce in the US; Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu are vying for dominance in China with eyes on western markets. Tencent’s lead in mobility looks like giving it a major edge.

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handybook-dua-hanrahanNew managed

services model?

Handybook duo growth plans

in cleaning and office services


14 Apr’14

On-demand services provider Handybook enables users to hire a cleaner, furniture assembler, plumber or handy man with a tap on your iPhone.

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Wood-Geo-GreenwoodProficiency Profile

Greenwood gains
top AOPD award

Key differentials drive George

Wood's specialist services sales 


31 Mar’14
Last week we attended the annual meeting of the original dealer group AOPD and sat down with Greenwood Office's George Wood whose growth, deservedly won its best dealer award in 2014. Follows on Friday

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CDW-team-montage-busCDW: Composite

Direct Wholesaler

Leader gains market share in

managed tech services with

4000+ specialist sales force


24 Mar’14

Investment analysts Seeking Alpha profiled CDW, the $11Bn in sales, leading technology reseller and wholesaler. We share their observations together with our own analysis of this best practice performer in productivity services

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cook-tim-apple-iPhone5Cook: iShadow

or Apple of Ive

Common perception that post

Steve Jobs era lacks innovation

when the reverse is true


1 Mar’14

Author of "Haunted Empire, Apple after Steve Jobs", Yukari Kane discusses what she's learned about CEO Tim Cook, and whether she believes Apple has lost its way since Steve Jobs died.

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