Wednesday, September 03, 2014
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cook-tim-apple-iPhone5Cook: iShadow

or Apple of Ive

Common perception that post

Steve Jobs era lacks innovation

when the reverse is true


1 Mar’14

Author of "Haunted Empire, Apple after Steve Jobs", Yukari Kane discusses what she's learned about CEO Tim Cook, and whether she believes Apple has lost its way since Steve Jobs died.

Read more: Apple's Tim Cook: iShadow or Apple of Ive

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Innovative-productivity-themesi n n o v a t i v e
i n v e s t s 

Top progressive reseller builds
infrastructure towards $100m 


11 Feb’14 (Complete)

Last week, we visited Innovative in Minneapolis, one of the most progressive ‘Personal Productivity Services’ providers on the planet. We met with CEO Jennifer Smith’s new team of leaders…

Read more: Innovative OS investments in growth

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Kiger-daneen-ergotron-2Ergotron energizes

WorkFit Movement

Ergonomics marketer’s designs

on serving the office channel


9 Feb’14 (Complete)

Today we visited Ergotron’s HQ in St. Paul (MN) to meet with marketing director Daneen Kiger. Daneen shared plans to expand on its ergonomics leadership in the technology channel, through to the OP channel via United Stationers...later today

Read more: Ergotron leads the WorkFit Movement

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oneill-patrick-olloclip-shotOlloclip amps up

iPhone camera

Start-up Inventor O’Neil wins

2013 Entrepreneur Award


23 Jan’14

Yesterday at the inspirational 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth Conference inventor Patrick O’Neill was presented with the prestigious award for arguably the most innovative business supplies product in 2013

Read more: Olloclip inventor Entrepreneur of 2013

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ive-jony-apple-blueThe  A p p l e
of  J o n y  I v e

The iconic genius who
puts the 'i' in Apple magic


15 Nov’13
While Jony Ive's design group was secretly working on the iPad, Steve Jobs was telling the public and press that Apple had no intention of releasing a tablet.

Read more: The Apple of Jony Ive


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