Friday, January 30, 2015
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Office-Megatrends-2015-300v2Mobilize personal

prodtvity services

Your Action Plan to M-Power

success in the paperless future


19 Jan’15 (Complete & Updated)

The progressive trends are tremendous. Apple & Amazon have M-powered the new entrepreneurial revolution with affordable personal technology and personalised wholesale and rapid delivery services. The need for OP resellers to differentiate themselves with personalised productivity services is even more URGENT…

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"Please don't

underestimate my

purchasing power 

My supplies spend is $1350pa,
not your $400 stationery rate" 


15 Jan'15

Why do OP dealers continue to underestimate the potential spend of users by 70%? It's probably the main reason driving the complacency epidemic killing their growth prospects. "If you want my business contact me personally" appealed Lucy...

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Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 21.29.14

Paperless path

to productivity

m o b i l i z e d

A month-by-month analysis of

a powerful year for progressives   


4 Jan'15 (Updated)

Time to review another positive year for the personal productivity services (PPS) marketplace with progressive service providers setting an example to bigbox players and independent dealers stuck in a traditional stationary mindset. The commodity cliff looms larger…First Half complete, 2nd half completed tomorrow

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Game-Changers-Top-101984-94 v 2014 compared

Top Resellers Leaderboard

Power shifting

to Progressives

Leaders, rising stars, drop-outs,

& newcomers. 2020 tips for top

2 Jan'15 (Updated)

The bigbox share of the US-UK markets tumbled again in 2014. The messily merged Office Depot and static Staples have now lost an estimated $12Bn in sales over the past 7 years. Progressive independent resellers and mass etailers viz. Amazon continued to gain market share...

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15  P o s i t i v e
Proposals for ‘15

Practical guidelines to win in new

Personal Productivity Services mkt

& beat OP market down trends


31 Dec'14
Most forecasters agree that 2015 will be a strong year of economic growth, business and consumer spending. So no more excuses! The urgent need is to satisfy customer demand for 'personal productivity services' that save time, money and space. Here's how to succeed...

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innovations1515 Playful Market
Predictions for ‘15

Watch for these BIG moves to
happen in the PPS marketplace

31 Dec'14

What will happen with Amazon, Apple, Staples, Office Depot, United, WBMason, HP, SPOT (Spicers/OfficeTeam), Vasanta/VOW, Keurig, Grainger, dealers, groups, wholesalers, manufacturers in 2015. Here are our pointed predictions…

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