Friday, April 18, 2014
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Proficiency Index

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Office-World-Leaders-2014Proficiency Index

The World’s Top

10 Office Leaders

The lessons we can learn from

their brilliant business success


25 Mar’14 (Complete)

Fortune Magazine published in its April edition the World’s 50 greatest leaders. We respond to its initiative with the Proficiency Index Top 10 World Leaders in the 21st Century Office marketplace.

Read more: The World's Top Office Leaders

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amazon-fc-long-viewBusiness supplies

market analysis

Merging of OP, MRO/industrial,

refreshments, technology and

ergonomics markets is ON!


14 Mar’14

As discussed in ‘The race to infinity’ category expansion is on. But its not just OP players expanding categories, it’s industrial, food & beverage; and tech suppliers moving into the office. Here is an analysis of the leaders' moves...on Tuesday

Read more: Business Supplies Market Analysis

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Webwatch-2014- R2-montage2014 WebWatch Round 2

Wonderful or

woeful webstores

OP dealers still complacent; yet

to get the mobile imperative


13 Mar'13

After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1, this time we revisit some of the top resellers who have yet to optimize the shopping experience for users, especially mobile....ratings complete, profiles tomorrow

Read more: WebWatch 2014 - Top resellers

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webwatch-montage-2013-top-92014 WebWatch Round 1 


2013 revisited

The best just got better!

Catalogs becoming obsolete

Productivity added to criteria 


18 Feb’14 (Updated)

The gap between the average OP dealers’ webstore rating and best practice extended in 2013. Webstores have now made printed catalogs redundant. Will dealers learn the lessons from these leaders? We have a new leader and the bigboxes went backwards in user friendliness. 
Completed tomorrow

Read more: WebWatch 2014 - Top 2013 Webstores Revisited

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Megatrends-2014-LucyM-Power Personal

P r o d u c t i v i t y

S e r v i c e s

Your invaluable guide to mobilize

success in the paperless future.


4 Feb'14 (Updated)

The Apple iPad was the death knell for the traditional OP industry. Dealers now face a formidable competitor in Amazon in business supplies. The need to develop Personal Productivity Services (PPS) to differentiate is URGENT!  Let the new Office Megatrends 2014 report published here be your guide to success...

Read more: Office Megatrends 2014, Market Review 2013

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Personalised-emarketing5 BIG Marketing
Trends to Track

Rise of me-tail, native search
sequential messaging, privacy,
and immersive experiences


16 Jan’14

Many observers billed last year as ‘empty 13’, but consistent innovation and digital development coupled with a better economic outlook created a wealth of opportunity for marketers. According to Marketing Week 2014 promises to be just as exciting!

Read more: 5 BIG Marketing trends to track


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