Monday, July 28, 2014
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Proficiency Index

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Wonderful or
woeful webstores

Wake up! Complacency reigns.

Wanted: user & mobile friendly,

minimum clicks user experience


22 Jul’14

After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1 and leading resellers in Round 2/3, we revisit more progressives in Round 4, to see if they have optimized the shopping experience for users, especially mobile. Ratings and mini-profiles follow tomorrow

Read more: WebWatch 2014 - Round 4

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Lucy-mobile-montage-v32014 User-Chooser Survey

What Lucy wants

in business supply

Mobile friendly web, less clicks,

human touch service. Lighter,

brighter, cleaner, greener office  


13 Jul’14 (Complete)

The Proficiency Index 10th Annual Survey of Businesswomen's Buying (typically Lucy), primarily user-choosers with executive power and influence, is more comprehensive than ever. It provides tremendous insight into the latest trends and how they have adapted to mobile devices and seek more productivity services from local providers.

Read more: Proficiency Index - Businesswomen Buying Survey 2014

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Megatrends-2014-LucyHalf-Year Market Review 2014

M-Power personal

productivity future

Post-OP era nigh! Beyond paper,

beyond buyers; beyond sitting,

towards a mobilized user market

6 Jul’14 (Complete)

As the 2014 half year closes, we reflect on the BIG ISSUES facing OP resellers and identify 12 trends that are defining the future as traditional wholesaler/reseller structures breakdown towards a lower-cost transactional and higher-value productivity services future.

Read more: Half Year 2014 Market Review

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Productivity-leaders-HY-2014Productivity Championship 2014

The new leaders

in productivity…

Leaner stockless players, etailers

and new entrants set hot pace 


1 Jul'14 (Updated)

We’ve completed our half-year review of best practices in one of the most universally accepted measures of reseller productivity and a strong profitability indicator. The 2014 Half-Year Leaderboard is published below...

Read more: Productivity Championship 2014 - Leaderboard

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brands-brilliant2011Most valuable

global brands

Google pips Apple in BrandZ

list inc. 20 office marketers.

Who are the office leaders


23 Jun'14 (Complete)

Millward Brown Optimor, which compiled this year’s BrandZ top 100 brand rankings, reflect the fact that the developed world is recovering from recession and consumers’ confidence is returning. Who are MVB’s in the Office market? Thanks for your nominations. Results completed here...

Read more: Most Valuable Global Office Brands

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People in the

Office Market

Top 10 innovators, designers,

thought leaders & marketers


23 Jun’14 (Complete)

Fast Company’s June edition headlined the ‘100 Most Creative People in Business’. We take a close look at the best creative minds in the office market. We publish the Top 10 with ratings here...

Read more: Most Creative People in the Office Market


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