Friday, November 21, 2014
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Proficiency Index

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Top-business-leaders-2014Proficiency Index

TOP 20 Business

Supplies Leaders

The real power players list not

fantasy league of old operators


2 Nov’14 (Completed 16:00ET)

We've noted a number of top leaders lists in the media recently and thought it was time to recognize the real power players in the new business supply/productivity services industry. Published + profiles completed

Read more: Top 20 Business Supplies Leaders

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top-9-women-2014Top 20 women

office marketers

The new productivity drivers.

Personal, successful and fun


2 Nov’14 (Complete 10:00ET)

Fortune magazine published its list of the most powerful women in business. We want to recognize the growing population of top female sales marketing professionals that are leading the industry’s transformation from box-shifters to personal productivity service providers. Top 9 published, profiles completed

Read more: Top 20 Women Office Marketers - 2014

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webwatch-2014-round62014 WebWatch Round 6

Pinnacle: Powerful

v poor webstores?

Wake up! Complacency reigns.

Wanted: user & mobile friendly,

minimum clicks user experience 


7 Oct’14 (Updated 18:00 ET)

After publishing the WebWatch 2014 Leaderboard yesterday we review all members of Pinnacle Group ahead of its conference this week. Check to see if they have optimized the shopping experience for users Complete with ratings; individual critiques follow this week

Read more: WebWatch 2014 Round 6 - Pinnacle Group

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40-under-40-2-Top9-2014Proficiency Index Poll

40 under 40

Top list complete for office

market's top young  talent


15 Sep'14

The 5th Annual edition of the Proficiency Index ’40 under 40’ Poll is complete. The hugely popular feature identifying the rising stars of the Personal Productivity Services (PPS) marketplace has attracted 172 nominations. The Top 40 list is published below...Leaders (pic left)

Read more: 40 under 40: Hottest Young Business Talent:

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webwatch-2014-Round-4bWonderful or

woeful webstores

Wake up! Complacency reigns.

Wanted: user & mobile friendly,

minimum clicks user experience


7 Sep'14 (Completed)

After reviewing 2013’s best webstores in Round 1 and leading resellers in Round 2/3, we revisit more progressives in Round 4, to see if they have optimized the shopping experience for users, especially mobile. Sorry for extended delays, ratings and mini-profiles now complete

Read more: WebWatch 2014 - Round 4

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industrial-supplies-invasionThe  B I G  5 0

industrial supply

distributors list

Leading MRO/Facilities players

move into business supplies


5 Sep’14

The Big 50 List published by Industrial Distribution provides an opportunity to review the business supply industry from a different perspective. Players are still concerned with the economy (?) and not their own performance. We analyse and comment…

Read more: The BIG 50 Industrial Distributors


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