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4 insights into

Affordability and increased
productivity drive sustainability


24 Mar’13
Over the past several years, sustainability and business owners’ efforts to be green have evolved from mere fad to frontline strategies in many industries.

How to drive

Green your business processes
to boost sustainable profitability


11 Nov’12

Entrepreneur magazine’s Michelle Goodman recently published a great article on how to make the sustainability changes that will provide the greatest return on investment for your company. We highlight 6 similarly committed OPS reseller stars…

12 small green
steps towards


Today’s Earth Day. Here’s
a practical guide for YOU!


By Scott Zintz

22 Apr’12 (Complete)

Last week, I attended a brilliant seminar led by Scott Zintz, the green guru at Independent Stationers. Here are 12 practical steps you can take to make a difference…

100 Greenest US Companies

OPS leaders rated
high by Newsweek

How and why can Depot rank
higher than Staples…again?


21 Oct 11 (Updated)
Earlier this week, Newsweek published its annual list of the greenest companies. Its goal is to to quantify environmental footprint, policies, and reputation....

The rise and rise of the…

L o w - c o s t,
low-carbon locals

Community committed resellers
stress their sustainability edge


16 Aug’11

We reported on the ‘Charitable Champions’ and the ‘Sustainability Stars’ of the OPS market in our article dated 31 July. We now turn our attention to US local resellers demonstrating real commitment to the ‘buy local’ cause…

Ingram Micro’s
CSR initiative

Time for wholesalers to support
local resellers’ low carbon advantage


By Lucy Jermyn,

9 Jul’11

Ingram Micro, the world’s #1 technology wholesaler, has published its inaugural social responsibility report for 2010.


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dell_michael_small100 Greenest Public Companies

Newsweek top
rates OP leaders

Dell#1 and HP#2 with Office
Depot and Staples in top 30


21 Oct 10
Last Monday, Newsweek magazine published its list of the greenest publicly traded companies. The goal was to quantify companies’ actual environmental footprint, policies, and reputation.  It was terrific to read about OP and technology players success in the knowledge that many UK and US independent resellers (listed below), could not be included, but would have scored highly…

Read more: Newsweek 100 Greenest Companies

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staples_ecotruckStaples starts
sustainability race

Suppliers set a cost and carbon cutting challenge


17 Oct 10
Staples the global #1 office products reseller, announced last week its new corporate strategy to drive sustainability innovation in product manufacturing, packaging and distribution by challenging its key suppliers to join it in a "Race to the Top."

Read more: Staples starts sustainability race

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greenwash-bandwagonLow carbon
dieters or diverters

Are these companies ethical eco champions or simply greenwashing?

By Lucy Jermyn, EcoWatch
9 Jun 10

Corporate green commitments can be "very murky," says Gwen Ruta, vice-president for corporate partnerships at the Environmental Defence Fund. How genuine are the green projects? How is success measured? Or, are the projects simply revenue opportunities...

Read more: GoEco - Low carbon dieters or diverters

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green-buildingsSunday Times 2010
Best Green Companies
UKOS tops 

Green List

Wiles Greenworld soars to 12th


30 May 10

Results of The Sunday Times annual competition to find companies at the cutting edge of improving corporate environmental performance were published earlier today.


Congratulations go to 3 office companies who finished in the top 12 list of best green companies...

Read more: UKOS tops Sunday Times Green List

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staples_eco_easyStaples eco

Green office makeover
prize for entrepreneurs


By Lucy Jermyn, PP EcoWatch

8 May 10
Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Staples, is working with to launch a program to help SMB’s  become more eco-responsible....

Read more: Staples eco challenge

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local_deliveryGo Loco

Independent dealers guide to sustainable success

26 Apr 10 (updated and complete)

The trend towards old fashioned values, local community, sustainability are becoming a global phenomena. Localisation on a global scale, or Glocalisation’ as a number of trendwatchers have called it.
Probably the greatest market advantage available to bold local service providers for 50 years....


Read more: Go Loco. Independent dealers guide to sustainable success

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energy_solarHappy Earth Day!

Low Carbon
2020 Offices

Smart technology…

Smaller footprint

By Lucy Jermyn, PP EcoDesk
Earth Day 22 April 10

The house of 2020 will likely be smaller, smarter, more urban and efficient.

Read more: Happy Earth Day! Low carbon 2020 offices

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e-cyclingThe e-cycling


Establishing eSteward

recycling standards


16 Apr 10

More companies and recyclers are taking steps to ensure that old electronic devices such as TVs and computers aren't dumped in poor countries. This is a great opportunity for PROPS (ex-OP dealers, see Editor’s Comment below) to provide a valuable local service to their customers

Read more: The new e-cycling opportunity

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global_warming10 Myths
about Green

Confusion reigns…what’s
eco-friendly…what’s not


14 Apr 10

Most forward thinking companies are trying to go green. The challenge is to understand what is environmentally sound and what is not. 

Read more: 10 Myths about Green

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United extends
sustainability offers

More personality… magalog style


26 Mar 10

United Stationers has renewed its commitment to bring sustainable solutions to the marketplace with the release of its new 2010 Green Catalog.


We have reviewed at least 50 different ‘green’ catalogs over the past 5 years and this is up there with the best in terms of design and user friendliness

Read more: United extends sustainability offer

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Best Buy the

recycling retailer

'Take back’ technology scheme should inspire local OP resellers

13 Dec 09

The US #1 consumer electronics retailer's recycling program seems expensive to run, until you look at the benefits: a green reputation and a way to get customers into stores.


OP resellers should take note as 2 leading dealers from California and Liverpool have done.

Read more: Best Buy the recycling retailer


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