Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Most progressive

reseller on planet

Personal Productivity Services

structure ready for $100m push


15 Dec’14 (Complete)

Last Tuesday, we visited Innovative in Minneapolis, the most progressive ‘Personal Productivity Services’ provider on the planet. We met with CEO Jennifer Smith’s new team of leaders…

The future of

IT wholesaling 

25 Q&A's on Mobility & Cloud

for TechData chief Dutkowsky


3 Dec'14

CRN interviewed TechData's highly regarded CEO Bob Dutkowsky to discuss the current marketplace and future developments affecting the $28Bn in sales #2 IT wholesaler with $28Bn in sales forecast for 2014....

Most ambitious 

CEO in Universe

Google plans for wireless world;

beaming balloons, drones et al


17 Nov'14

Fortune Magazine has published a highly insightful interview with Google chief Larry Page. Don't underestimate the power of this guy's impact on the future of the business supply industry, positive opportunities and negative for Luddites...later today

ISSA: The power of

clean, lean offices

Trombetta tells how commitment

to hygiene services can convert

commodity dealers’ dire destiny 


3 Nov'14 (Complete)

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning non-profits organization holds its North American INTERCLEAN Facilities Show in Orlando this week. Sales chief Anthony Trombetta previews the 'Value of Clean'...



Office Supplier

Wiles Greenworld’s CEO reveals

his progressive growth strategy


2 Nov’14 (Completed, at last, sorry)

On 30 Sep, we visited London’s most progressive and sustainable office reseller Wiles Greenworld in its new eco friendly facility. We met with ‘walk the talk’ CEO Peter Duncan…

United powers

up productivity

Delivering personalised business

services drives 50% sales growth


13 Sep’14 (Updated)

United Managed Services, based in Milton Keynes (UK), is a rapidly growing productivity services provider; a progressive model for OP dealers to follow when converting from traditional stationery roots. We spoke with dynamic Darren Lloyd (sales & marketing chief)…

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