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New managed

services model?

Handybook duo growth plans

in cleaning and office services


14 Apr’14

On-demand services provider Handybook enables users to hire a cleaner, furniture assembler, plumber or handy man with a tap on your iPhone.

Proficiency Profile

Greenwood gains
top AOPD award

Key differentials drive George

Wood's specialist services sales 


31 Mar’14
Last week we attended the annual meeting of the original dealer group AOPD and sat down with Greenwood Office's George Wood whose growth, deservedly won its best dealer award in 2014. Follows on Friday

CDW: Composite

Direct Wholesaler

Leader gains market share in

managed tech services with

4000+ specialist sales force


24 Mar’14

Investment analysts Seeking Alpha profiled CDW, the $11Bn in sales, leading technology reseller and wholesaler. We share their observations together with our own analysis of this best practice performer in productivity services

Cook: iShadow

or Apple of Ive

Common perception that post

Steve Jobs era lacks innovation

when the reverse is true


1 Mar’14

Author of "Haunted Empire, Apple after Steve Jobs", Yukari Kane discusses what she's learned about CEO Tim Cook, and whether she believes Apple has lost its way since Steve Jobs died.

i n n o v a t i v e
i n v e s t s 

Top progressive reseller builds
infrastructure towards $100m 


11 Feb’14 (Complete)

Last week, we visited Innovative in Minneapolis, one of the most progressive ‘Personal Productivity Services’ providers on the planet. We met with CEO Jennifer Smith’s new team of leaders…

Ergotron energizes

WorkFit Movement

Ergonomics marketer’s designs

on serving the office channel


9 Feb’14 (Complete)

Today we visited Ergotron’s HQ in St. Paul (MN) to meet with marketing director Daneen Kiger. Daneen shared plans to expand on its ergonomics leadership in the technology channel, through to the OP channel via United Stationers...later today

Proficiency Profiles

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Commercial-montage-2013Is this the

Most progressive
reseller on planet?

UK’s #1 business services group 

Commercial, has powerful claims


6 May’13 (Complete)
Commercial Group of Cheltenham (UK) has been a pioneer of sustainable business practices since 2006. Based on our worldwide experience of progressive resellers we reckon its relentless drive into IT business services positions Commercial well ahead of its US peers…

Read more: Commercial: The most progressive reseller on the planet?

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steelcase-future-focusedProficiency Profile

Designing offices
to inspire harmony

Steelcase’s Workspace Futures'

Donna Flynn on collaboration


30 Apr’13
Human nature changes slowly, but the way we work and the idea of the ‘office’, changes fast. Here’s how to harness those opposing forces for a happier workforce…

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Steelcase's Donna Flynn, Workspace Futures

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witt-margee-blaisdellsProficiency Profile

Blazing a trail
to $20m by 2020

Blaisdell’s: A family business
fired up and ready to roll


29 Apr’13 (Updated)
Last Monday we visited the offices of stockless San Leandro reseller Blaisdell’s. Under magnetic Margee Witt’s leadership the company has grown 20% in the last year and well on its way to reaching $20m in sales by 2020. Tomorrow

Read more: Proficiency Profile: Blaisdell's

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furniture drive

US economic recovery fuels

the office renewal process


10 Apr'13 (Updated)

The industry wide revival has been driven by innovation and productivity. The Post-OP era is nigh, but opportunities have emerged in refreshments, hygiene and ergonomic workspaces. We spoke with IS Group’s SVP Charles Forman about its refreshed furniture offering...completed by Friday

Read more: IS Group's furniture drive

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harrop-steve-ofdaUser Friendly
market moves

OFDA group leader’s plans
to drive sustainability agenda

9 Apri'13 (Complete)
Office Friendly, is the UK’s most enterprising dealer group, with a spirit and determination to create a truly marketing driven agenda for its members. We spoke to dynamic leader Steve Harrop about his plans and key differentials...

Read more: Office Friendly's market moves

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JKL-miles-riceScintillating sales from

Sales force


JKL Solutions: the rising
star in UK mid-market


27 Mar'13
JKL Solutions was formed just 4 years ago by ex-PADS director Nick Miles and top sales guy Nathan Rice. Investment in 5 new sales people puts the UK reseller on course to achieve £5m sales in their 5th year...completed tomorrow, sorry

Read more: Proficiency Profile - JKL Solutions

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Nectere-montage-12N e c t e r e  new
or nearly model?

Can dealer groups’ demise be
rescued by fresh services plan?


4 Mar'13 (Complete)

Most dealer groups focus on reducing cost-of-products. Nectere led by UK industry veteran Paul Musgrove believes he can provide services that reduce cost-to-serve and provide added value. Can it succeed? We spoke with marketing chief David Kowal...

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Nectere dealer services group

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Leading US progressive passes
$50m sales 3X growth in 4 years


3 Feb'13 (Updated)

Innovative Office Solutions, based in Minneapolis (MN) is the leading progressive OPS reseller in the US. On Monday, the Innovative team celebrated its progress. We spoke to CEO Jennifer Smith about its incredible growth and inspirational plans to achieve $100m by 2020. Tomorrow...


Read more: Proficiency Profile - Innovative Office Solutions

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staples-velocity-vemana-frost-2Inside Staples
Velocity Lab

#1 reseller m-powering growth

through ecommerce innovation


30 Jan’13

We met with Staples CEO Ron Sargent recently and have never seen him so relaxed after ‘grasping the nettle’ on the European transformation. Everything now points to positive progress. We visited its Velocity Lab in Cambridge (MA) today to witness a great example of his optimism.

Read more: Proficiency Profiles: Inside Staples Velocity Ecommerce Lab

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Samsung-s111-people-sharingS u p e r s o n i c
Samsung  s o a r s

Galaxy S111 phone: ‘The
next big thing is already here’


24 Jan’13

Samsung is trampling rivals and gunning for Apple in the smartphone/tablet market. Can its hot streak last?

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Samsung

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WG-office-supplies-teamW i n n i n g
Game On!

Progressive UK reseller
invests in Radio/TV ads

5 Dec’12

WG Office Supplies of Crayford (UK) is on a roll. Its new radio and TV ad campaigns with UK leading media channels are bringing outstanding results…tomorrow

Read more: Proficiency Profile - WG Office

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Seaver-Edy-tangerine1Proficiency Profile

T a n g e r i n e
d r e a m  w o r k s!

Edy Seaver, the vivacious.
virtual Vegas reseller.


2 Dec’12 (Complete)

At United’s Vision’12 excellent conference last month we met for the first time, Tangerine Office Systems, the leading independent reseller in Vegas. We sat down with owner Edy Seaver, to discuss progress and plans

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Tangerine Office Systems

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Disrupters12-Bezos-MeehanD e a n s  of
D i s r u p t i o n

Amazon’s Bezos, Mason's

Meehan; the ultimate disruptors


2 Dec'12 (Complete)

In the current issue of Fortune magazine, Adam Lashinsky writes about the biggest threat to independent dealers in the OP marketplace. We highlight the relevant sections and nominate the OPS disruptor for 2012…

Read more: Deans of disruption - Amazon's Bezos; Mason's Meehan

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united-vision12-dochelliProficiency Profile

Dochelli’s doctrine

United sales chief details drive to
engage dealers’ user obsession


22 Nov’12 (Complete)

United Stationers’ Vision 2012 conference was one of its best! It was fast paced and super-relevant with excellent speakers from inside and outside the company. We met with new sales chief Harry Dochelli after his debut presentation about activating dealers’ user-obsession…


Read more: Proficiency Profile: United's VP sales Harry Dochelli

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Proficiency Profile

Hummel’s head
for the heights

New IS Group chairman
lays out 5 year growth plan


1 Nov’12

We discuss with gentle giant Harrison Hummel, chief operating officer of Hummel’s Office Plus, based in Mohawk (NY) new developments at Hummel’s and marketing group Independent Stationers. Profile tomorrow, sorry

Read more: Proficiency Post - Hummel's OP

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Sayes-kenny-with-jansan-boxProficiency Profile

Jansan jump
starts Sayes

Specialist + United partnership
boost its ‘get it all’ proposition


27 Sep’12 (Complete)

Last week we met Kenny Sayes, the retiring chairman of IS Group, and discussed the growth success story of his Louisiana dealership, Sayes Office


Read more: Proficiency Profile - Sayes Office

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darrell-bracken-logitech-signLeader lifting a
leaner Logitech

New blockbuster wireless
accessories in the pipeline


10 Sep’12

Wall Street Journal’s John Revel interviewed Logitech’s new president Bracken Darrell about his plans turnaround the innovative #1 computer accessories maker.

Read more: Leader lifting a leaner Logitech

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Betty-Mills-hanna-webpage12Betty’s tasty
growth plans

Original jansan etailer bakes
a better business supply brand


14 Aug’12 (Complete)

The Betty Mills Company, based in San Mateo (CA) was built on a simple brand plan of delivering a jansan supply service with a snack rewards program. We talked with Chief Betty Victor Hanna....

Read more: Proficiency Profile: The Betty Mills Company

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Red Cheetah:
chase up partners

Is it competing with wholesalers
and groups with marketing services?


6 Aug'12 (Completed 13:00 ET)

One of the OP industry’s leading software houses Red Cheetah has recently launched its Guided Partner Services program with positive results. We speak with CEO Andrew Morgan and some leading its leading partners…completed shortly

Read more: Red Cheetah chase up partners...

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Given-John-one-sourceOPS resellers’
MPS success

Source and Reliant lead
the way in the industry



2 Aug’12

Most progressive resellers have stated their intention to invest in MPS specialist sales people, software etc, but few have achieved positive results. Here are 2 US resellers to follow:

Read more: OPS resellers MPS success


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