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Proficiency Profile

Books bullish

for ECi high

Partnerships with wholesalers

& tech firms, plus advances

in web/mobility boost outlook


4 Jan'15

OP industry #1 software house, ECi Solutions has had a relatively quiet, but busy year since being acquired by Carlyle Group in March this year. We caught with dynamic CEO Ron Books today to review progress and get his view on 2015...Tomorrow, sorry

Most progressive

reseller on planet

Personal Productivity Services

structure ready for $100m push


15 Dec’14 (Complete)

Last Tuesday, we visited Innovative in Minneapolis, the most progressive ‘Personal Productivity Services’ provider on the planet. We met with CEO Jennifer Smith’s new team of leaders…

The future of

IT wholesaling 

25 Q&A's on Mobility & Cloud

for TechData chief Dutkowsky


3 Dec'14

CRN interviewed TechData's highly regarded CEO Bob Dutkowsky to discuss the current marketplace and future developments affecting the $28Bn in sales #2 IT wholesaler with $28Bn in sales forecast for 2014....

Most ambitious 

CEO in Universe

Google plans for wireless world;

beaming balloons, drones et al


17 Nov'14

Fortune Magazine has published a highly insightful interview with Google chief Larry Page. Don't underestimate the power of this guy's impact on the future of the business supply industry, positive opportunities and negative for Luddites...later today

ISSA: The power of

clean, lean offices

Trombetta tells how commitment

to hygiene services can convert

commodity dealers’ dire destiny 


3 Nov'14 (Complete)

ISSA, the worldwide cleaning non-profits organization holds its North American INTERCLEAN Facilities Show in Orlando this week. Sales chief Anthony Trombetta previews the 'Value of Clean'...



Office Supplier

Wiles Greenworld’s CEO reveals

his progressive growth strategy


2 Nov’14 (Completed, at last, sorry)

On 30 Sep, we visited London’s most progressive and sustainable office reseller Wiles Greenworld in its new eco friendly facility. We met with ‘walk the talk’ CEO Peter Duncan…

Proficiency Profiles

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Kiger-daneen-ergotron-2Ergotron energizes

WorkFit Movement

Ergonomics marketer’s designs

on serving the office channel


9 Feb’14 (Complete)

Today we visited Ergotron’s HQ in St. Paul (MN) to meet with marketing director Daneen Kiger. Daneen shared plans to expand on its ergonomics leadership in the technology channel, through to the OP channel via United Stationers...later today

Read more: Ergotron leads the WorkFit Movement

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oneill-patrick-olloclip-shotOlloclip amps up

iPhone camera

Start-up Inventor O’Neil wins

2013 Entrepreneur Award


23 Jan’14

Yesterday at the inspirational 2014 Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth Conference inventor Patrick O’Neill was presented with the prestigious award for arguably the most innovative business supplies product in 2013

Read more: Olloclip inventor Entrepreneur of 2013

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ive-jony-apple-blueThe  A p p l e
of  J o n y  I v e

The iconic genius who
puts the 'i' in Apple magic


15 Nov’13
While Jony Ive's design group was secretly working on the iPad, Steve Jobs was telling the public and press that Apple had no intention of releasing a tablet.

Read more: The Apple of Jony Ive

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Bezos-jeff-amazon-bedevilJeff B e z o s’


Amazing Amazon ace’s anxiety

eyeing his everything store aim.


15 Nov’13

Wall Street Journal’s Farhad Manjoo has written a fascinating insight into the paranoid behaviour of Amazon Founder/CEO Jeff Bezos, in multiplying sales of the omnivore 5x in the 7 years, to $100Bn by 2015

Read more: Amazon's Jeff Bezos' bedevilment

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zen-office-teamProficiency Profile

The Essence
of ZEN Office

“We deliver personalised
productivity services”


13 Nov'13 (Complete)

Earlier last month we visited an ex-OfficeSMART member, Les Kerr and his Zen Office team. The leading edge office facilities, based in North Manchester (UK), were an impressive example of a progressive productivity services provider in action...

Read more: Proficiency Profile - ZEN Office

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Amazon-bezos-everything-store-bookHow Amazon became the 

Everything to

Everybody store

The secrets of CEO Jeff Bezos’

amazing drive to $100Bn sales


28 Oct’13

Business Week’s Brad Stone has written a book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon. We highlight and analyse the excerpts that apply to its invasion of the business supplies marketplace...tomorrow

Read more: How Amazon became the everything to everybody store

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ensley-christina-rudolphsProficiency Profile

Rudolph’s new

productivity drive

Chief Christina Ensley inspires

Baltimore dealer’s services plans


23 Oct’13 (Complete)

Rudolph’s Office, is a leading US progressive reseller, based in Baltimore. President Christina Ensley joined in 2011 and is driving its new productivity services agenda, We profile her progress...

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Rudolph's Christina Ensley

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of growth

CEO Rowsey on broadline
rep group model’s success


23 Sep’13 (Complete)
Highly respected, OP industry leader Mike Rowsey, is speaking at EPIC conference today. We interviewed Mike to discuss the tremendous progress of Harbinger National, the executive owned rep group...

Read more: Harbinger of growth - Mike Rowsey interview

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DPOE-profile-montageThe  D P O E

flex-tech effect

Chicago’s leading technology
managed services integrator


25 Aug’13
Last Tuesday we visited Des Plaines Office Equipment (DPOE), in Elk Grove Village (IL). We first met CEO Chip Miceli and tech solutions specialist Mike Marzelli at a Business Technology conference in June and were keen to interview one of the industry’s most admired resellers…Wednesday

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Des Plaines Office Equipment

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amazon-king-bezosBezos’ Amazon:

better & better

Relentless pursuit of cheaper

product and faster delivery 


18 Aug’13

Fast Company’s J.J. McCorvey recently met with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. We highlight the relevant extracts for OP resellers and how it has achieved leadership in the business supplies market at the cost of bigboxes and independents’ alike...

Read more: Bezos' Amazon gets better and better

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ontimesupplies-webpageProficiency Profile

OnTime on
track to #1

Mobile optimization raises
webstore user friendly rating


17 Jul’13 (Complete)
The Proficiency Index WebWatch team has just completed its 2013 Round 1 Review. The highlight was the stellar progress of independent Atlanta etailer. OnTime Supplies, the first small OP reseller with a mobile-user-friendly webstore. We spoke with CEO Miles Young…

Read more: Proficiency Profile - OnTime Supplies

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Costco-montage-2012Costco: cheap

and cheerful...

US#2 retailer has grown 39%;

and stock doubled since 2009


9 Jun’13

New Costco CEO Craig Jelinek took over from legendary leader Jim Sinegal last year and has continued to maintain its relentless progress, reports Business Week writer Brad Stone. It's business supplies is even greater...

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Costco: Cheap and cheerful success

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supplies-network-mgt-team1Proficiency Profile

Super Supplies
Network support

The high-service, low-cost-to

-serve, IT services wholesaler


7 Jun’13
We attended ITEX, the IT managed services conference in Las Vegas in April. We met with the enthusiastic Supplies Network management team exhibiting at the show and profile the company’s leaders: Sean Fleming (CEO) and marketing chief Bill Erpelding...on Monday, sorry

Read more: Proficiency Profile: Supplies Network

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Audacious-9-2013Who are the

Most audacious

The scrappiest, smartest
and most disruptive resellers


16 May’13
Inc. the magazine for growing companies published a list of the 'The Audacious 25’ in its May edition. We take a look at candidates for the Top 10 in the ‘personal productivity services’ marketplace…later today


Read more: The Most Audacious Independents

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Proficiency Profile

Give Something

Back's gears up!

Progress report on a unique

productivity services reseller


12 May’13 (complete)

Recently, we visited Give Something Back’s offices in Oakland (CA) for the 3rd time and met with CEO Sean Marx and his new marketing chief Sharon Kinkade (pic left). Expect the investment in new software and marketing to boost future growth…


Read more: Proficiency Profile - Give Something Back

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Commercial-montage-2013Is this the

Most progressive
reseller on planet?

UK’s #1 business services group 

Commercial, has powerful claims


6 May’13 (Complete)
Commercial Group of Cheltenham (UK) has been a pioneer of sustainable business practices since 2006. Based on our worldwide experience of progressive resellers we reckon its relentless drive into IT business services positions Commercial well ahead of its US peers…

Read more: Commercial: The most progressive reseller on the planet?

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steelcase-future-focusedProficiency Profile

Designing offices
to inspire harmony

Steelcase’s Workspace Futures'

Donna Flynn on collaboration


30 Apr’13
Human nature changes slowly, but the way we work and the idea of the ‘office’, changes fast. Here’s how to harness those opposing forces for a happier workforce…

Read more: Proficiency Profile - Steelcase's Donna Flynn, Workspace Futures

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witt-margee-blaisdellsProficiency Profile

Blazing a trail
to $20m by 2020

Blaisdell’s: A family business
fired up and ready to roll


29 Apr’13 (Updated)
Last Monday we visited the offices of stockless San Leandro reseller Blaisdell’s. Under magnetic Margee Witt’s leadership the company has grown 20% in the last year and well on its way to reaching $20m in sales by 2020. Tomorrow

Read more: Proficiency Profile: Blaisdell's

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furniture drive

US economic recovery fuels

the office renewal process


10 Apr'13 (Updated)

The industry wide revival has been driven by innovation and productivity. The Post-OP era is nigh, but opportunities have emerged in refreshments, hygiene and ergonomic workspaces. We spoke with IS Group’s SVP Charles Forman about its refreshed furniture offering...completed by Friday

Read more: IS Group's furniture drive

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harrop-steve-ofdaUser Friendly
market moves

OFDA group leader’s plans
to drive sustainability agenda

9 Apri'13 (Complete)
Office Friendly, is the UK’s most enterprising dealer group, with a spirit and determination to create a truly marketing driven agenda for its members. We spoke to dynamic leader Steve Harrop about his plans and key differentials...

Read more: Office Friendly's market moves


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